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Friday Flips #12: Little Blue Truck Books

Noah really loves cars and vehicles of all sorts, so when I came across the Little Blue Truck books, I knew I had to buy them for him. We have a lot of books, so I place some books in the three main areas in our house that we usually hang out in, keep the rest in storage, and rotate the books every now and then, so that he doesn’t get tired of them. The Little Blue Truck books were in the book box in our living room recently, and Noah was thrilled when he rediscovered them.

We first read Little Blue Truck Leads the Way last year, and I only just got my hands on Little Blue Truck via Amazon (which was way cheaper than Book Depository). I was pleasantly surprised to see that the first three lines of both books were the same. Such a lovely way to tie the two books together! The books are beautifully illustrated, with great attention to detail, and we often spend time just poring over the pictures, and talking about what we can see, after we have read them. Both books are good for young readers, as they can easily complete the sentences with the appropriate sound effects or rhyming words. Having said that, I would recommend starting with Little Blue Truck if possible, as it’s the first book, and therefore gives you an idea of Little Blue Truck’s character.

Cheeky boy posing with both books




Little Blue Truck takes us on a journey through the countryside, where he politely greets the various animals that he passes. Noah took delight in making the relevant animal sounds, and even though he can’t read yet, I tried teaching him to recognise the word ‘Beep’ on the pages, and to say it out loud with me. It’s still a work in progress, as I suspect he can’t recognise the word, and only says “Beep” when he knows it’s Little Blue Truck’s turn to make a sound, but that’s a good enough start for me. I also liked that the story showed how it is important to take time to be kind to others, no matter how busy you may be, as you never know when you’ll need their help.

Little Blue Truck







“Look! It’s my favourite ‘Stop’ sign!”


Tracing the path that the dump truck took


Little Blue Truck Leads the Way is a story about how Little Blue Truck goes to the city, and is awed by the tall buildings and faster pace. He encounters many rude and impatient vehicles, but keeps his cool, and teaches them to take turns, so that everyone can get to their own destinations quickly. The moral of the story is also rather similar to that of the first book, teaching the readers to be polite no matter how important or busy you are, and to always wait your turn. Noah also learnt the names of two new vehicles, the limousine and the street sweeper, and was so excited when he saw the latter during one of our car rides. Good to know that he remembers what he has read!

Little Blue Truck Leads the Way






He wanted to “read” the book on his own again after I had finished reading it with him



We thoroughly enjoyed reading both these books, and will definitely be reading them over and over again, for a long time. Do check them out if you have a vehicle-loving child at home.

Happy reading!

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