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Friday Flips #107: Amanda the Panda (Outdoor Play Keeps Myopia Away)

N recently had to go for an eye review at the Health Promotion Board (HPB) after getting his eyes checked in school by the nurses. I was really surprised when he got the letter from HPB, as he doesn’t get much screen-time usually.

My friend then told me that her daughter had to start wearing glasses after her eye check-up in Primary One, as she reads a lot, and doesn’t take eye breaks. N is exactly the same, so in the weeks before we went to HPB for the review, I kept reminding him to take eye breaks whenever he reads.

We’ve actually read the entire series of The Plano Adventures, which is a collection of five chapter books on battling myopia, so N knows what needs to be done to achieve good eyesight.

‘Amanda the Panda (Outdoor Play Keeps Myopia Away)’ is suitable for preschoolers, as the story breaks down the issue of myopia into simple English, making the concept more accessible to young children.

In the story, Amanda the Panda finds that faraway things look blurry after she has spent a lot of time indoors, staring at her homework, and reading in dim light. Her mother then encourages her to spend more time outdoors, and she realises after that that things look clear again.

The illustrations complement the story perfectly, and I especially like how the scenery is blurry when Amanda looks outside after being indoors for a long time. The twins found Amanda and her mum quite cute, and kept asking me why Amanda’s mum wore glasses.

If you have a preschooler who is given screen time, likes using gadgets, or even loves reading books, this book will be a good addition to your bookshelf. The best way to combat myopia is to prevent it from as young as possible, and we parents need to remember that outdoor time is essential for young children.

Happy reading!

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