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Friday Flips #105: A is for Australian Animals

I always try to read relevant books with the kids before we go on holiday, and this time round, I found this lovely book called ‘A is for Australian Animals’ at the national library.

There are many colourful illustrations of the different animals unique to Australia, and older children can read the additional details about each animal on each page. I learnt quite a bit from this book, because I had never even heard of many of these animals before reading this with the kids!

We read this book again after we returned from Perth, and the twins excitedly pointed out the animals that we saw during our trip. They would recount what happened at the various wildlife parks and farms that we visited, and talked a lot about how they fed the kangaroos.

Didi with his baby kangaroo and Meimei with her baby koala

I found this book very informative and perfect for learning more about Australia’s many different animals. I’m definitely going to buy a copy for our home library before our next trip to Australia!

Happy reading!

Buy the Book from Book Depository A is for Australian Animals

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