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Friday Flips #1: Tap to Play!

Noah has been into interactive books recently, and I chanced upon Tap to Play!

by Salina Yoon at the National Library one day. I thought it looked pretty cute, and had a similar concept to Herve Tullet’s


(reviews on those on another day), so I borrowed it for Noah.

Tap to Play!


The objective of the book is simple: get Blip, an adorable red dot, up to the row of blocks before time runs out. It’s sort of like playing Super Mario Brothers, but on a book instead, which is definitely easier to do for young children (and adults like me, who are amazingly bad at computer games). The illustrations complement the easy-to-follow instructions really well, and kept Noah engaged throughout. I also liked that the vocabulary used was relatively simple, making it suitable even for preschoolers who can’t read yet, as they can still understand what is required of them, when the book is read to them.

Noah really liked interacting with Blip, and eagerly carried out the instructions as I read them to him. He was absolutely thrilled when (spoiler alert) he managed to “help” Blip reach the row of blocks at the end, and gasped in delight when he saw the surprise waiting for Blip at the end. It was really quite entertaining watching him, as he was so focused, and clearly enjoyed the book. In fact, he asked me to read it again to him immediately after the first time, and the book quickly became one of our daily reads. After a while, he got the hang of it, and would “read” it on his own, so you can imagine how disappointed he was when I returned the book, even though I had already renewed it once.




Diligently following the instructions






I managed to take a video of him “reading” the book on his own one day, and even though he didn’t get some of the instructions right, it was still pretty cute to me!

Noah “reading” Tap to Play! on his own

Tap to Play! is a really fun book to read with your preschoolers, as it is extremely interactive, with attractive illustrations, and simple instructions. Be prepared to read it multiple times though, because I’m pretty sure your kids will love Blip, especially if you give him a funny voice. Happy reading!

Buy the Book Tap to Play!

on Amazon Tap to Play! on Book Depository

Borrow the Book (Singapore National Libraries only) Location: Junior Lending Picture Book Call Number: English YOO Check for availability here

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