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FOX Kids and Baby Little Fashionista Styling Workshop

If you follow us on Instagram (@GrowingwiththeTans), you would most probably have seen a photo of Noah dressed really stylishly, and in all likelihood, been amazed that we had the fashion sense to select those clothes for him. 

Well, erm, we didn’t! Noah was actually dressed by a stylist that day, when we were invited to participate in the FOX Kids and Baby Little Fashionista Styling Workshop.

While waiting for his turn to be dressed, Noah kept himself busy with the various craft items, thoughtfully provided by the FOX staff. They were even kind enough to entertain him for me, while I did a little shopping in the store!



After I changed Noah into the selected clothes, the stylist, Ms Evon Chng, brought him over to the accessories table, to select some items that would jazz his outfit up a little more. I was surprised when she picked up a hair accessory, and thought it was really clever that she used the ribbon hair clip as a mock bow-tie for Noah, just by clipping it onto his collar. Noah also decided that he wanted to have a hand in choosing his own accessories, and grabbed a few pairs of glasses to try.

Trying to accessorise 



Initially, when Evon showed me her selection for Noah, I was a little skeptical about how the vest would look with the collared shirt and shorts, but there’s a very good reason why she’s the stylist and I’m not, because the vest really completed the whole look, don’t you think?

Mr Stylo


Before we left for Australia last year, I actually bought a couple of long pants and sweaters from FOX Kids for Noah, and they came in really handy throughout our nine months there. The material is really good and more importantly, durable, because I must have washed them more than thirty times, but they still look as good as ever.

One of my friends in Adelaide told me that I should get Noah a vest instead of multiple sweaters, as it is easier to use as a layer, and more importantly, it will keep his chest warm. The vest is also easier to put onto a young child, with no sleeves for his arms to get stuck in, and gives his arms more room to move around. I wish I knew that before we left, especially since FOX Kids has some really nice vests available. So, for those of you who are planning to travel to countries with a colder climate, do consider getting a few vests for your children!

There was an official photographer (Ryan of Orange Studios) there to capture the kids’ new looks, and this was the shot that he got of Noah.

fox - 0 96

Noah was trying to pull his sunglasses off the whole time we were trying to take a photo of him, but I think that this picture is quite an accurate portrayal of Noah’s cheeky and playful personality. Look out for this photo on the FOX Fashion Facebook page soon, because you can like and share the photo, and stand to win some FOX apparel for your children!

We were invited to attend this styling workshop, and received this outfit from FOX Kids for the purpose of this review. All opinions are my own. 


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