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For the Love of Reading

While I was pregnant and on NPL, going to the library was my favourite pastime. I borrowed plenty of what C called “bimbo books”, as they didn’t have complicated plots or vocabulary. I read for sheer pleasure, rather than for work, and during the periods when I was put on bed rest, these books kept me company and I hid in the world of fiction, where I didn’t have to worry about the pregnancy. Occasionally, I’d feel guilty about not reading parenting books, but I’d brush the guilt away by telling myself that I could read those after the baby was born. I hadn’t had the opportunity to read for leisure in a really long time, and I wasn’t going to give it up that easily!

A friend of mine recently discovered the National Library Board’s eResources and very kindly informed me about it. (Thanks, May-Ann!) I managed to check it out a few days ago and was very pleased to see that the range of digital books available for loan is rather extensive. There are digital magazines available too, but I haven’t gotten round to taking a look at what’s available yet. I borrowed a short story to see what the whole Digital Library experience would be like, and was able to finish it in a single nursing session, so I started browsing in earnest for more books to read.

The Digital Library works just like the normal library, and each user can borrow up to six titles, for 21 days. All you need is an e-reader, such as an iPad, download the Overdrive app, get an Adobe account, and that’s it. It sounds a little more complicated than it actually is, and trust me, if I can figure it out on my own, anyone can. I love that it’s FREE, and I can read to my heart’s content while nursing Noah, without having to fumble around with a physical book and a night light.

While I do still love the physical book itself, the e-book is my best option for now, and it looks like I’m going to be spending a lot of time on the NLB Digital Library Catalogue. 🙂

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