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Eight Different Looks at Eighteen Months

In Singapore, many children start school at the age of three, where they are generally in school for about three hours, in Nursery 1. This means that we have to register Noah this year, in order for him to be able to start school next year, when he turns three.

As we are still overseas, we have to scan the relevant documents and send them to my mum, so that she can do the registration on our behalf. We haven’t quite decided for sure which school to send him to, but we thought we should have everything ready as soon as possible, so that my mum can be ‘activated’ when necessary.

One of the items required is a passport-sized photo of Noah, and C wanted to use Noah’s passport photo, which was taken when he was nine months old. (See how he looked like then in this old post!) I convinced him that the baby looks different now, so this series of eight photos were taken by C, in our apartment here.

Eight different looks 


Which one do you like best? Many of our friends love the ‘Pleased as Punch’ one, but I don’t think it is the most appropriate one for the registration forms, though it is really cute.

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