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Do babies dream? What do they dream about, given that their experiences are still very limited?

Noah seemed to have had a nightmare last night, in which he appeared to be fighting off some villains. Maybe they were trying to change his diaper. Or maybe they were trying to steal his milk. Who knows? Anyway, there was a lot of very violent punching and slashing movements going on, together with loud war cries and grunts. Like Bruce Lee, with much less style and skill. We watched him with great fascination, because all the wild actions and sound effects occurred while his eyes were still closed. We didn’t know if we should wake him up, but he woke up for his feed on his own shortly after. However, he seemed rather distressed still and kept waving his arms about vigorously, something which he seldom does at night, and definitely not while he’s drinking his milk. It became less funny and more worrying after some time, so we both tried patting him and making soothing sounds, telling him that he was safe and that nothing was wrong.

The nightmare seemed to be a recurring one as he kept doing his Kungfu moves each time he fell asleep. I tried letting him sleep on my chest for a longer period and there was quite a bit of whimpering and startling, before he calmed down enough to go back to his cot.

This morning, he seems to be back to normal, smiling at us as we tried to change his diaper, and firing off lots of poo in the middle of his diaper change. I guess it means that he’s fine now!

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