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Didi & Meimei Talk About… Their Favourite El Sol Cabin-Sized Stroller

Hello! It’s us, Didi and Meimei again! Mummy says we have to do some work in exchange for being able to enjoy our favourite new stroller, and since we love it so much, we said yes!

Didi: It all started when we were in Singapore, and getting ready to come back to Jakarta. One day, a big box arrived at our house, and we got super excited, because we thought there was a baby inside! I mean, look at the picture!

Meimei: Don’t be silly, Didi. I didn’t think there was a baby inside, okay. Only you did. I mean, did you look carefully? There’s an auntie in the picture too! We’re taller than the box, so she couldn’t have been inside it.

Didi: Hmmm… that makes sense… Hey, when did you climb into the stroller? For that matter, when did I get out of it? I remember being the first one to sit in the stroller, and I remember having a lot of fun being pushed around in it, then what happened after that?

Meimei: Ha! The stroller is mine now! Anyway, I’m usually the one in our Bugaboo Bee, right? I was just letting you test out this new El Sol, just to make sure it’s safe, and now that you’ve survived being in it for like fifteen minutes, I figured it’s okay for me to use it as my new permanent ride.

Didi: NOOOOO… come down! It’s mine!

Meimei: Muahahaha. The stroller is mine again. Didi, haven’t you heard of the saying, “You snooze, you lose”? Well, it IS nice to be carried by Mummy, but since I’m heavier than you, I’ll be kind to Mummy and sit in the stroller instead. She seems to have more things than usual today, so it’s a good thing she can push this stroller with one hand. That black luggage looks heavy! She says she’s bringing books back to Jakarta for KorKor, but I hope she packed some of our favourite snacks in there too.

Meimei: Oh is it lunch-time already? It must be, since Didi usually wakes up in time for food. Daddy said he could only find one highchair here in the Transit Lounge, so Didi gets to use that, while my stroller is now my highchair. Yup, MY stroller. Heh heh.

Meimei: Mummy, are you sure it’s a good idea to let KorKor push the stroller? Is he strong enough? Where are we going anyway? What’s a skytrain?

Meimei: Oh, so THIS is the skytrain! So odd that it doesn’t have any seats in it though. Good thing we have our strollers, right, Didi?

Didi: Huh? We’re on the skytrain? I thought we were supposed to take a plane to Jakarta? Where’s my tv?

Didi: Why do I have to walk? Where did my stroller go?

Meimei: Why is Mummy carrying me? My stroller fits in this narrow aisle, so I could have been sitting in it all the way to our seats, but oh well, at least I don’t have to walk like Didi does. Haha! Mummy says we are taking Garuda Airlines back to Jakarta, and that this is a B737-800, which means that the seats are three-by-three. I wonder if I’ll have my own seat this time round.

Didi: How come Meimei’s stroller could be brought onto the plane, while mine had to be checked in at the boarding gate? Hey, where did it go, anyway? In the overhead compartment? Where’s that? Oh look! TV!

Didi: Hello Jakarta! I’m sleepy again. This stroller is soooo comfortable… I can see why Meimei likes it so much, but too bad, I get to sit in it now. Mummy says we have to share and take turns, whatever that means.

Meimei: Hi! We just got back from the supermarket, and Mummy bought soooo many things! She squeezed the heavier things in the large basket below the stroller, but she also added some hooks on the handle, so that she can hang stuff there too. I wonder why she doesn’t carry them by herself.

Didi: Of course she can’t carry so many things by herself, she has to carry me! She was grumbling about bringing both of us to the supermarket, but I don’t know what’s the big deal. Yes, we did fight a little in the supermarket trolley, but that’s normal, isn’t it?

Meimei: I’m still not talking to you for pulling my hair when we were in the trolley. Anyway, I hope Mummy remembers to remove those bags from the handle before she carries me out of the stroller, because I think the stroller will topple over if she carries me first. Those bags look heavier than me!

Meimei: I don’t like Didi sitting in my stroller, but when KorKor wants to, I usually let him. Mummy says KorKor isn’t supposed to use it for too long, but I think it’s okay, since the weight limit is 20kg, and KorKor isn’t 20kg yet. See how well he fits in the stroller?

Meimei: I can play Peekaboo with KorKor through this little netted window in the hood! So fun! Hello KorKor!

Didi: Wait wait wait. Forget the window. What do you mean there’s a weight limit? Our combined weight is more than 20kg, isn’t it? The stroller works perfectly fine when we both sit in it!

Meimei: Yes! This is so fun! How did Mummy manage to put us both in the stroller anyway? Our previous stroller can’t fit us both.

Didi: Oh that’s because this stroller can recline till 175 degrees, which is almost flat! Since I’m lighter than you, I can sit behind you, and the stroller won’t topple over. See?

Meimei: Speaking of lying flat, I think it’ll be quite comfortable to sleep in the stroller, don’t you?

Didi: Zzzzzzz…

Meimei: Heehee. Didi fell asleep! I’m going to get Mummy to carry me, since I can’t sit in the stroller with Didi. Or maybe I can sit ON him? Hmmm…

Meimei: I tried climbing onto the stroller to sit in it while Didi was sleeping, so Mummy carried me instead. Heh. I’m happy as long as I don’t have to walk!

Didi: Wanna see how we usually head out for our walks with Mummy? First, I climb into the stroller by myself. Meimei usually gets to sit in it, but I’m pretty good at climbing, so Mummy asked me to demonstrate. The bar in front can actually be removed, but I like holding on to it while I climb up, so Mummy leaves it there.

Didi: Then I sit down and make myself comfortable! Like this! Mummy says we have to be buckled up when we are in it, but it’s okay, because the straps are padded. Hey, how come the stroller feels softer than usual?

Meimei: Let me try! Let me try!

Didi: Oh! Mummy added this extra soft and furry padding to the stroller! I like it!

Didi: Look what I found! A big bag! What can I put in it? Hmmm… We have to hang it on the stroller when we go out? Maybe I should ask Mummy to put some snacks in it. And bubbles! We love bubbles, don’t we, Meimei? And our cups? Oh ya, I forgot that there are two cup holders, so we can put our cups there.

Meimei: Look, Didi! I unzipped it! Mummy says it’s not just a bag, but also a diaper-changing mat. Let me test it out. Do I fit nicely on it?

Didi: Didi’s turn, Didi’s turn! I think I fit better. See?

Meimei: Ha! I was just trying to distract you, because I wanted to get into the stroller again. But what’s this new thing that Mummy put over the stroller? Should I be worried?

Meimei: Let me out! Let me out!

Didi: Don’t worry, Meimei. I’m here! I’ll save you!

Meimei: Yay! Thanks, Didi. I’m sorry I was sneaky and climbed into the stroller while you weren’t looking. Can you get me out of this please?

Didi: Is it really that scary? Let me try it.

Didi: Hmmm… this looks okay, actually. I like that I can still see what’s outside. Mummy says it’s a rain cover, which means we won’t get wet even if we get caught in the rain. That’s quite useful…

Didi: Meimei! Come here!

Didi: Meimei, it’s not scary, but can you unzip this part please? I don’t see any rain in the house, so we don’t really need this, do we?

Didi: Okay Meimei, if you’re scared, maybe we can use the cover like this? But I think the rain might still be able to come in.

Meimei: Hmmm… let me check…

Didi: Peekaboo!

Meimei: Hahahaha. Okay, this is quite fun. We can actually use the large canopy to play peekaboo, you know, but this works too, I guess.

Didi: Okay, are we ready to go? Hang on, let me drink some water first, since I have to run when Mummy walks.

Meimei: Yes, I need my cup too. Sitting in the stroller can also be tiring, you know.

Didi: Alright, time to go! See you all around! Bye!

Disclaimer: We received the El Sol A-Class stroller for the purpose of this review. No babies were harmed during the entire testing process, though Didi did fall once when he climbed into the stroller while no one was watching him. There was SOME fighting, mainly because we both wanted to sit in the stroller at the same time, and didn’t like the idea of sharing, but Mummy says we have to figure it out for ourselves.


For more details on the El Sol stroller, visit The Little Ones in My Life on FB HERE.

The El Sol stroller can be purchased at a special launch price of $329 at the upcoming Baby Land fair, from 10 to 12 August 2018, at Suntec City. Look out for booth A03 While you’re there, do check out the Haenim UV steriliser as well. Read our review HERE.

Happy shopping!

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