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Didi and Meimei Talk About… their Skin Types and Favourite Mustela Products

Hi everyone! We’re baaaaaaaaaaaack! Did you miss us? Awwww you did? We promise not to disappear for so long next time! You see, we went back to Singapore for a holiday, then when we got back to Jakarta, ALL of us took turns having stomach flu, so Mummy said we had to rest. We’re better now, so it’s back to work for us.

Didi: Talking about traveling from Jakarta to Singapore, then back to Jakarta again, the changes in the air or weather or SOMETHING, made our skin feel… different, and not in a good way. Mummy tried applying some moisturiser on both of us, but it didn’t make much of a difference. Coincidentally, the people from Mustela asked Mummy to take some quiz to find out our skin types, and she realised that we have DIFFERENT skin types!

Meimei: I don’t know why she didn’t think of it earlier. I mean, MY skin is nice and smooth most of the time, while you have funny red patches.

Didi: Hey! My skin is nice too! You make it sound like I’m a… a… what animal or insect has red patches? A ladybird?

Meimei: Erm, a ladybird has BLACK spots.

Didi: Oh. Then, tiger? Cow? Anyway, I don’t ALWAYS have red patches on my skin, okay. Just sometimes.

Meimei: Like now.

Didi: I do? Where?

Meimei: On your back and neck! Can’t you feel them?

Didi: Hmmmm… not really… sometimes the patches are itchy, especially when I get them on my arms, but these don’t really bother me that much.

Didi’s back

Didi: Ah, that feels nice! I love it when Mummy moisturises me after my bath.

Didi: Is this a new moisturiser? It’s a lotion for very sensitive skin? What’s a lotion? Wait, you mean I have very sensitive skin? What does that mean? Fragrance free products are better for my skin type? Oh is that why I can’t smell anything on my hand now?

Meimei: Yeah, yours doesn’t have any smell, but mine does! Mummy calls it the “Mustela baby smell”, and she’s been taking big whiffs of it when she carries me. I love it when she buries her nose in my neck or belly, and tells me how nice I smell. It’s not very strong, but I think she’s addicted to it!

Didi: Addicted? That’s not a good thing, is it? Maybe you should use my lotion instead!

Meimei: But my skin is so nice and smooth, see? Why would I need to use yours?

Meimei’s back

After moisturising

Meimei: I like this one! It’s not sticky, and it leaves my skin bouncy and smooth. I always want to apply more of it, but Mummy always takes the bottle away from me before I can press the nozzle. One day, I’m going to be faster than her, then I can apply lots of moisturiser everywhere. Maybe I’ll even moisturise HER. Muahahaha.


Didi: Hey Meimei, can you help me to see if the red patches are still on my back?

Meimei: Hmmm… Stop squirming, and let me look! I think they’re gone! Wow that’s quite fast. But I think you’ll need to keep using this lotion, so that the patches don’t come back again. Or even if they do, at least they’ll go away quickly.

Didi: I better give Mummy my lotion after my bath every day, to make sure she remembers to moisturise me regularly. She keeps forgetting to apply it on me!

Meimei: Speaking of forgetting, can you remember what other products we got from Mustela? I vaguely remember getting something else when we were in Singapore.

Didi: We each got three bottles to play with, remember? Mummy said one was for bathing, and the other was for moisturising. I can’t remember what the last one was for. I liked playing with that bottle. I could see the liquid moving around inside when I shook it. So fun!

Meimei: Oh yeah, that was quite fun. You know what else was fun? Throwing the bottles on the floor, and watching her scramble to arrange them nicely again. Heehee.

Didi: Haha I remember that too! She kept telling us to stop moving, but *ahem* I like to move it move it…

Meimei: Erm remember how I told you not to sing anymore, because you’re so noisy? Anyway, Mummy said the last one was a No Rinse Cleansing Water, which can be used to clean our faces, bodies, and even our backsides. I like using it to clean my hands though. I’m good at rubbing my hands together after she squirts some of the cleansing water on my palms. See?

Didi: I think you’re supposed to use a cloth or cotton pad with it, but I guess it’s okay if you want to wash your hands with it too…

Didi: Oh, I have a bottle of that too! See? These are mine, all mine!

Meimei: Would you stop being so possessive? I have my own Mustela products too, okay. I don’t need to use yours. Besides, we have different skin types, remember? I hope Mummy remembers that we are two separate people, with two different skin types, instead of always lumping us together as “the twins”. I’m going to throw your moisturiser onto the floor every time she puts me on the changing table. Maybe she’ll get the hint then. I like my own Mustela products. They smell nice!

Didi: It’s a good thing my lotion comes in a tube, so it can’t break when you throw it. Anyway, for those of you who aren’t sure what your skin type is, try the quiz in THIS LINK! Remember to use the correct skincare products for your skin type, okay?

PS. Watch the video to see us checking out our Mustela products, and to get a closer look at some of them. Bonus clips of us hugging and kissing our new Mustela bears! Yes we know, we’re pretty cute sometimes. That’s how we get away with the nonsense that we do. Shhh… don’t tell Mummy!

******* Disclaimer: We were gifted the products featured in this post by Mustela. All photos, videos, and opinions are, as usual, our own. We were not paid to do this, although Mummy should really wise up and start giving us snacks so that we will sit properly when she’s trying to take photos of us.

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