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Cleland Wildlife Park

C’s friend who lives in Adelaide has been a great host, driving us around on weekends, and bringing us to the various attractions. We visited the Cleland Wildlife Park on one such occasion, and Noah got to touch a koala and a kangaroo for the very first time!

We arrived at the park slightly before 11am on a Sunday, and were pleased to find out that there was a photo-taking session available with the koalas at 11am. We chose to go for the paid photography session ($30 for one photo, $50 for two), which would allow one of us to carry the koala, and to get our photo professionally taken. Noah got really excited when he saw the koala, and starting signing ‘please’ furiously when he saw C carrying the koala, as he wanted to touch it. The staff reminded us that koalas are really sensitive creatures, and to only allow Noah to gently pat the top part of the koala’s back. I had a tough time trying to hold his little hand still for the photo!

Spot the sleepy koalas!


Hello, Koala!


Pretty flower at the entrance


Nice weather for a picnic


Me and my cheeky baby


Majestic looking bird drying its wings


Birds and ducks by the water 


It takes guts to feed an emu by hand


Love how the little boy is standing/posing in this photo!


Going to pat the kangaroo with Daddy 


With Uncle D


Who cares about taking a nice family photo when you can touch a (fake) koala? 


The park is quite large, with plenty of open spaces for the animals to roam freely. You can buy a small pack of animal feed at the entrance when you get your tickets, so that you can feed the animals along the way. For some reason, we didn’t really encounter that many animals that day, so we didn’t use up all the animal feed that we bought. We also didn’t cover the entire park, as Noah was getting cranky, but we did enjoy being able to go right up to the kangaroos and emus to feed them by hand. Noah definitely loved being able to touch the koala and kangaroos!

Cleland Wildlife Park 365 Mount Lofty Summit Road, Crafers, SA 5152, Australia 9.30am – 5pm daily (except Christmas Day) No entry after 4.30pm / Aviaries close at 4.30pm

Check the admission fees HERE

PS. We learnt from another friend that Gorge Wildlife Park is smaller and you can cuddle the koalas there for free, so we might bring our parents there instead when they visit us later this month.

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