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Chai Poh Neng (Preserved Turnip Omelette)

One of C’s favourite dishes is the omelette, and for some reason, chai poh neng reminds him of home. When he was studying in France, I brought some chai poh along when I visited him, so that I could prepare the dish for him. Thus, I was quite pleased to find that the Asian supermarket here stocks chai poh, and I’ve cooked the omelette a few times so far.

The first time I made this, I referred to this recipe by Kitchen Tigress, but I have since modified it slightly, to suit our tastebuds. She recommends using one tablespoon of milk for every egg put in, which makes the omelette really fluffy. Personally, I sneak in a bit more milk than necessary, and a bit more sugar too, so feel free to modify the following recipe! Ingredients

30g minced chai poh 3 eggs 2 tbsp sugar 4 tbsp milk Vegetable oil



1. Wash and drain chai poh three to four times (more, if you prefer it to be less salty) in water.

2. Whisk eggs with milk and sugar. (Bottom right picture in the above photo. Looks like some mango dessert, doesn’t it?)

3. Fry chai poh with vegetable oil on high heat till slightly dry, and to remove excess water.

4. Add egg mixture, and let it cook for a few seconds.

5. Spread the chai poh out evenly, and swirl the pan around to ensure that the omelette is cooked thoroughly.

6. Use spatula to carefully flip the omelette over. (For those who are not very proficient with the spatula, ie like me, use the spatula to cut the omelette up into a smaller pieces, which are easier to flip.)

7. Cook evenly on both sides, and serve immediately.


Ta-dah! Simple, right?

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