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C’s Birthday Staycation at Shangri-La

August was a particularly rough month for us, because of our failed IVF/FET attempt, and also because C has been swamped with work. However, he did manage to squeeze out some time for a short 3D2N staycation over his birthday weekend, and our stay at Shangri-La Hotel was just what we needed to bond as a family, and to lift our spirits a little.

Because C’s schedule is/was really tight, we only booked our staycation the day before we actually went on it. It was a spur of the moment decision, and I wasn’t very keen on the idea at first, as Noah was supposed to go for a school excursion that Monday. I really wanted him to go for it, and we even brought his bag and uniform along to the hotel, so that we could send him for it that morning, but in the end, we figured that it would be more relaxing for all involved if we just skipped the excursion altogether.

When we told Noah that we were going to a hotel for the weekend, he kept asking if we were going to fly there, and if the hotel were in Taiwan. Guess our Taiwan trip really made a huge impact on him!

When C made the hotel reservation, he didn’t notice that breakfast wasn’t included, so we ended up having to top up $80 per night for that, which also included an upgrade to a bigger room. We also added an extra $45 per night so that we could get a late 4pm check-out time, so our stay ended up being rather costly, but oh well, we really needed the break. Now that we’ve been on three different staycations, I’m a staycation convert! I know that Singapore isn’t a huge place, but we have different experiences when we go on staycations, like how we explored Changi Village when we stayed at Village Hotel Changi, and learnt more about the Peranakan culture at Village Hotel Katong. This time round, although our hotel was in the Orchard Road area, we didn’t really shop much, and chose to spend more time enjoying the hotel room and the swimming pool.

As I mentioned earlier, we paid to upgrade to a larger room (I think it was 38 sqm) in the Tower Wing, which also gave us access to the Horizon Club Lounge. We were impressed by the large room, and Noah absolutely loved having so much space to run around. He had a field day checking out the view of the city from the two large floor-to-ceiling windows, and thoroughly enjoyed splashing around in the huge bathtub.

Part of our room (excuse the mess)


Spot the TV addict


Looks huge, doesn’t it? On the right, there’s a wardrobe area, complete with a cushioned bench, as well as the bathroom, which had two sinks, a bathtub, and a separate shower area. We really loved the spacious room (but then again, at the price we paid, it had better be nice, right?), and Noah was really disappointed when we checked out of the hotel on the last day. He kept asking why we had to leave, and told us repeatedly that he likes staying in the hotel. We like staying in the hotel too, but unfortunately, we don’t have a money-printing machine!

Our view of the city



Bouncing on the bed


He slept in the cot provided though


Staycation Privilege: Lunch in bed while watching cartoons


Having tea with Tiger at the Horizon Club Lounge


The pool was Noah’s favourite part of the hotel, though the bathtub came a close second, while the waterfall and koi pond were probably third. Noah is quite the scaredy-cat when it comes to swimming, and only enters the pool if he can walk around comfortably in it, ie the water should be beneath his shoulders, so we spent most of our time in the kiddy pool. There was a small fountain area which he was afraid of walking through initially, but after a while, he plucked up the courage to follow the older kids around in it. He enjoyed being in the pool so much that we had difficulties coaxing him out of the pool each day, and had to compromise by letting him “swim” in the bathtub after that.

Ready to go swimming in matching swim tops


With mummy in the pool






Bubble bath after swimming


In-house Waterfall and Koi Pond



All three of us enjoyed the huge breakfast buffet spread, and were really spoilt for choice. If you love waffles like me, make sure you have some at the breakfast buffet! We also had C’s birthday dinner with my parents at The Line on Sunday evening, since we had some dining credit from our late check-out top-up. I particularly liked the dessert spread, which had a wide range of cakes and ice-cream. There was even cotton candy, but Noah didn’t like that at all. Don’t ask me why. This is the same kid who doesn’t like chocolate, Milo, or Nutella.

Noah at breakfast


He put two blueberries on his fork, raised them above his head, and said, “I’m Mickey Mouse!” Haha.


I informed the hotel staff that it was C’s birthday when I called to ask about the late check-out and extra cot, so they actually provided us with a small cake in our room when we checked in, and on C’s actual birthday, they dropped off a nice box of chocolates at our room too. To our surprise, Noah insisted on sampling C’s chocolate cake that day, even though he doesn’t usually like chocolate, and declared that it was delicious. I thought he would like chocolate from that day on, but nope, it was a one-off occasion, and he still steadfastly refuses to try anything with chocolate in it now.

C’s card


The cake


Happy birthday, Daddy!




On our first night, we wanted to check out the Night Festival since we were so nearby, but we couldn’t find anywhere to park, and headed back to the hotel to chill instead. On the second day, we headed out for the SIA Light Up the Night Carnival, and were thrilled that we got to meet the Kiss92fm DJs there! We listen to the Morning Show every morning when we drive C to work, so it was quite a fan-girl moment for me.

Meeting Maddy, Jason, and Arnold of Kiss92



The queue for the Go-Kart race was really long, and anyway, Noah was too short for that. It looked like a lot of fun though! C brought Noah to try out the remote control car race, and he had so much fun, they queued up thrice for it. We also got a free DIY race-car and plane, so we worked on that when we got back to the hotel. Noah is still playing with them, weeks after he got them!

Go-Kart Race


Boys and their toys


DIY Vehicles


Super excited


I’m glad we went on this staycation, because it helped to take my mind off the disappointment of our failed IVF/FET attempt, and I came home feeling much happier and relaxed. I’ve been grinding my teeth and clenching my jaw a lot when I sleep, to the extent that the area under my jaw hurts so much that I had to see my dentist for help. It’s been almost a month, but the pain hasn’t subsided much, so I definitely need to relax more. I also really do want need to go on a proper holiday soon, one that is overseas and longer than just 3D2N, but we have to wait till C’s schedule clears up a bit first. Can’t wait!


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