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Baby’s First Flight with KLM

Hello from Bali!

This is Noah’s first ever overseas trip, and KLM made it a great one even before we left Singapore. The day before we left, I tweeted to say that it’s going to be Noah’s first ever flight, and that we were flying KLM to Bali. I was pleasantly surprised when they responded to my tweet.

When we checked in at the airport today, Noah had just fallen asleep, so this was the best photo we could get of his experience.

To our surprise, the staff greeted us and asked if this was Noah’s first flight, before handing us a paper bag. Initially, I thought that they gave it out to all babies, but then I spied a little card attached to the bag.

Such a sweet and thoughtful gesture! I must say that we were really impressed with the personalised note. I haven’t managed to take a photo of the trolley bag that they gave Noah, but I’ll do so soon.

Update: Here’s the adorable trolley bag, in the form of a KLM plane!


The flight itself was pretty smooth too, and we were given a baby seat belt for Noah. Thank God that the flight wasn’t a full one, so we were able to get upgraded to the Economy Comfort Class, and had the row of four seats to ourselves. C took some really nice photos of Noah having fun on the flight, which I’ll put up in a later post.

Here’s our happy baby, waiting to board the plane in the background.

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