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I can’t believe that our little boy is nine months old already! C and I were looking through some photos yesterday, and marvelling at how much he has grown.

Last night, when he was lying on his tummy, he surprised us by being able to push himself up into a sitting position. I think he surprised himself too, as he looked very pleased with himself after that. I made him do a few more times after that, as well as this morning, you know, for practice, and I think he’s getting better at it. (By better, I mean he actually manages to sit up after a really looooong time, instead of falling on his face and crying.)

Noah still hasn’t been able to crawl yet, but there’s a tiny bit of progress, in that he crawls backwards quite quickly now. He also doesn’t sob pitifully as much now when we put him on his tummy, so hopefully, it means that he’s getting more comfy in that position. We went for trials at three different baby gyms, (Gymboree, The Little Gym, and Gymnademics) and have decided to start him at Gymnademics. I like that the teacher-student ratio is smaller, and that the room is pretty spacious and well-equipped. I’ll blog properly about our experience after the term!

These days, when we put Noah in his cot to play by himself, he likes to cling on to his cot railing, and peer out curiously. He loves it when we play peekaboo with him while he’s in there, though he cries if we walk away. Sigh. This boy really needs plenty of attention! He still can’t pull himself up into a standing position in the cot, but he can sort of pull himself up when he holds on to us.

Anyone there?


Play with me please?




Eating-wise, he still likes to dip his hands in the bowl of food, before allowing any of it to pass his lips. I also have to put the food on my fingers to feed him, though he will occasionally be okay with a spoon. He still loves grapes, and variety is key. I have to alternate between purée/porridge, puffs, grapes, and water, all in one meal. It’s really quite troublesome (and messy), but as C keeps reminding me, at least he’s eating!

Noah is still very much the social butterfly, smiling at and playing with everyone and anyone who so much as looks at him. Our neighbours love to talk to him and touch his face/arms/legs when we meet them in the lift or at the coffeeshop. I’m generally okay with people touching him if I know them, but recently, complete strangers keep stroking his cheeks and head, and two even tried to kiss him! I abandoned all attempts to be polite and moved Noah away before they could actually kiss him. I know I sound very ‘ngeow’ (petty) but I really am not comfortable with complete strangers touching and kissing him. I mean, who kisses random babies? Okay, maybe the President, but you get what I mean. Noah has a perpetual rash on his cheeks, and I have to slather copious amounts of moisturiser on them, so I really don’t like random strangers touching his cheeks. (PS. To all our friends reading this, please don’t think this is targeted at you. I’m perfectly fine with you touching Noah’s face and playing with him, so please don’t stop! It’s only the random strangers that bug me.)

We’ll be going on our first family holiday to Bali next month, and we’re really looking forward to it! The worry wart in me is worried about all sorts of things, such as the possibility that Noah might freak out during the flight, and what on earth am I going to feed him apart from milk while we are there, but I shall try my best to relax and have fun. I bought plenty of mosquito repellant patches, as well as a tube of baby sunblock, since I foresee us spending a lot of time outdoors. If anyone has any recommendations on what to do, see, or eat while we are there, please do share them with me! We will be staying in Nusa Dua and Seminyak.

Three more months till our baby turns one. Wow. Thank You, God.

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