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Noah had his six-month-old checkup at the PD yesterday, as well as his six-in-one vaccination. His height, weight and head circumference are all firmly in the 25th percentile, which is something I cannot understand when I look at his chunky thighs. Oh well, at least he’s growing!

Dr Tay noted that his tongue is still a little short, even though she said it was okay at the last check-up. 🙁 She now says that he will have to be monitored, and if it still doesn’t grow much, he will have to undergo minor surgery, with mild GA, to rectify the problem. Please pray with us that his tongue will grow longer and that he won’t need the surgery okay?

She also answered all my questions on weaning, and told me to email her if I had any more questions, since our next visit will be in three months time. I’m very thankful that she’s so friendly and easy-going. I love that we can email her for advice and not have to pay get help so easily!

The little boy is also a little constipated from taking solids, so we are to give him Probiotics daily, together with plenty of water, and massage his belly. For some reason, the Mag Mag sippy cup is leaky and no matter how I adjust the spout, water just trickles out from the surrounding area. It’s so tedious having to use a teaspoon to feed him water! I tried using a small cup too, but he doesn’t know how to drink properly from it yet and just ended up wetting his romper. Any recommendations on a better sippy cup?

Enjoying his first taste of carrots


Noah still has a bit of eczema, so we have to continue moisturising him with the Physiogel AI cream. She also told me that I should take Probiotics in my second trimester, if and when I get pregnant again, as it seems to be able to prevent eczema in babies. So for those of you who are pregnant now, or planning to have kids soon, bear that in mind okay?

The jab went pretty well, with a bit of wailing initially, but he calmed down very quickly once I picked him up. He was back to his cheerful and giggly self when we stepped out of the doctor’s room, mainly because I tickled him, but hey, he stopped crying, and that’s what matters, right?

Dr Tay said she’s pretty happy with him and so we shall keep praying that his tongue will grow out, and of course, for him to remain healthy and happy. 🙂

The cheeky boy loves sucking cloths of all sorts!

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