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Worried (Part 3.1)

The PD just called to say that no bacteria was found in Noah’s stool. Green stool can be attributed to a few different factors but so far, none of them really seem to fit.

The most worrying one would be malabsorption but because Noah’s weight gain is good, it’s highly unlikely that he has it. I asked if it can be something that he recently developed but she says that very few babies develop it so late. The important thing is that he doesn’t seem uncomfortable or unwell, and as long as he is happy and feeding as normal, he should be fine.

An overdose of iron can also cause babies’ poop to be green. However, this is usually found in formula-fed babies and since Noah is on total breast milk, it is highly unlikely. I haven’t changed anything in my diet and to be on the safe side, I’ve even stopped drinking milk since yesterday and didn’t take my multivitamin today.

The last cause of green poop is an imbalance of fore milk and hind milk. Dr Tay suggested that I either latch Noah on for a longer period of time to ensure that he gets enough hind milk, or pump out some of the fore milk before latching him on. I did that at 4am this morning and he hasn’t pooped much since then, apart from some very little green poop.

Noah has also been sleeping a bit longer at night. The previous night, he slept from 1030pm to 6am! I woke up at 430am, wondering why my breasts were so full and was surprised when I looked at the clock. I decided to pump as he was still sound asleep and he really slept all the way through the night. Last night, he slept at about the same time but woke up at 4am to drink his milk. He then went back to sleep till about 830am. There’s really no schedule or routine at the moment but as long as he seems happy, we think we will let him be for a while more.

The main thing is that throughout this green poop saga, Noah appears to be his usual self, smiling away, apart from a few crying bouts occasionally. I thank God for that and ask that He heals Noah completely. C and I have never been this obsessed with poo!

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