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DIY Angels

Our playgroup will be having our Christmas party this week, and I decided to be brave and take on the craft segment. I found this adorable Paper Muffin Liner Angel craft, and thought it looked simple enough for the children, so I tried it out. 

Mummy L kindly passed me two different-sized paper muffin liners, as well as a pack of paper doilies, for this craft, and although they aren’t as pretty as the ones I saw in the link above, I think the angels look quite sweet too.

Materials Needed 

Paper muffin liners Paper doilies White cardboard / craft card Glitter glue Double-sided tape / Glue Scissors Marker


1. Fold the muffin liner into quarters. 2. Paste a small strip of double-sided tape on the inside, to secure the quarter.


3. Fold the paper doily thrice to get eight segments. 4. Cut the eight segments out. 5. Put double-sided tape on the front of two segments.


6. Cut a circle large enough to be the angel’s head from the white cardboard. 7. Use the marker to draw the eyes and mouth of the angel. 8. Carefully add the halo on top, by using the glitter glue. 9. Paste the wings slightly below the tip of the folded cupcake liner. 10. Attach the angel’s face in front with double-sided tape or glue. 11. Open either one or both sections of the muffin liner, so that the angel can stand.


I still haven’t figured out how to hang the angels on the Christmas tree, apart from punching a hole in their heads, but I’m thinking of letting them just sit on the branches. Look out for my weekly updates on our DIY Advent Calendar crafts to see what I end up doing with them!

Hello, pretty angels!



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