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Worried (Part 3)

Noah’s stools still haven’t improved and yesterday afternoon, he seemed to have a bit of diarrhea as well. As I was changing his already soiled diaper, more poop bubbled out of him and what worried me was that it was all watery poop, without any of the usual ‘seeds’ in it. At 4am this morning, when we changed his diaper again, there was very dark green poop, bordering on black! It is all very scary to us now and we are praying very hard that nothing is wrong with him. He has very dry lips too, to the extent that they are peeling at the sides. 🙁

Please pray with and for us. We’ve emailed our PD already and are waiting for her to reply. Her clinic isn’t open at all on Fridays which means we can’t bring him in for a check-up again.

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