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With All My Love… #9

Dearest baby,

As I write this, you are sleeping soundly on me, with my flabby belly (I knew it’s flabby for a reason!) as your pillow, while you sort of kneel next to me, just so you can sleep on me. This has been your favourite sleeping position for the past few days, and it’s been wrecking havoc on my neck and back. You won’t allow me to lie flat while I’m your pillow/bed, crying pitifully when I do, so I have to sit up or slouch on the bed, and end up falling asleep that way too.

I don’t know why you’ve been waking up so frequently at night recently, wanting to be nursed and refusing to return to your cot to sleep, but I really hope this phase will end soon. I’ve heard that it’s due to separation anxiety, and I’m glad that you love mummy so much, though I’d appreciate it if you could show it in some other way.

Mummy’s belly is a good pillow

You enjoy getting hugged and kissed by us, and giggle quite a bit when we plant kiss after kiss all over you. You’ve learnt to peer over your cot railing at us, and can sit quite happily there for some time, smiling and bouncing away, as long as you can see us. You still haven’t figured out how to pull yourself into a standing position, but I keep telling Daddy that we have to lower your mattress before that happens. We’re also still trying to get you to crawl, but you’re taking your time on that. Daddy says it’s part of God’s plan for us, because we’re both already so tired at the moment, and He knows that once you start crawling, we’re just going to be even more exhausted. I guess I never looked at it that way, and I’m thankful that Daddy reminded me that God has a plan.

Mummy doesn’t normally cook, but I’ve been doing my best to cook porridge for you. Thankfully, you’ve been eating some of it, and currently, I think you enjoy the pork and spinach porridge quite a bit. Daddy, on the other hand, thinks that the porridge looks disgusting, and keeps making puking sounds when he sees me cooking it or serving it to you, which really doesn’t help! But at least he also sings and dances to get you to eat, so you haven’t been affected by his dislike for porridge yet. Grandma says you behave like a hamster, because you rub your face frantically whenever you don’t want to eat something. It’s quite cute, although I’d much rather you be less fussy!

We tried giving you some purée from a squeeze pack yesterday, but you kept coughing after each spoonful, as though you were about to vomit. You wouldn’t even open your mouth for it after the second spoonful! We were really hoping that you’d like the purée so that we can just bring them along for our trip, so we’ll probably try giving it to you a few more times, just in case you change your mind about it. The alternative is bringing lots of frozen porridge over, which is quite a hassle!

My life revolves around you now, and my conversations are filled with things like how to get you to eat more. I worry constantly about you, but that’s what mums are for, right? I love watching your eyes light up when we discover a new way to amuse you, and I know I’ve said this many times before, but we really love hearing you laugh. You play a lot with Daddy, and he’s usually the one who comes up with new ways to make you laugh. His latest ‘trick’ is simply to blow in your face, and I have absolutely no idea why you find it so funny, but you throw your head back and laugh whenever he does it. It really doesn’t take much to amuse you, does it? You’re very cheeky and playful, and Daddy joked that he won’t be able to discipline you next time, because you’re so cute. *rolls eyes*

Do you know how much we love you, baby? You’re nine months old now, and even though we’ve never been this exhausted, our lives are definitely better with you in it.

You’re waking up soon, and our busy day will begin yet again, but like I said, it’s a good kind of busy. 🙂

With all my love, Mama

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