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Whiny and Clingy Baby = Zero Productivity

Today was one of those days. I’m sure you know what I mean. A whiny baby who doesn’t want to sit in his bouncer, play in his exersaucer, play on his activity gym, lie in his cot, sit in his Bumbo, sit on the bed with mummy… You get the picture. No? How about a clingy baby who sobs his heart out if I walk away from him, even if it’s just for ten seconds. So he followed me everywhere I went today. To the kitchen to get a drink of water, to the toilet to prepare his bath water, to the living room to watch me fold the laundry…

Noah seems to be moving into the separation anxiety phase and we pray that it will really only be a short phase. He’s not always this whiny but we’ve noticed that he’s become a lot whinier over the last month or so. He’s still fun to play with, but he seems more difficult to please and definitely more unafraid to show his displeasure.

Today, I had to pop him into the Manduca on numerous occasions because my weak arms couldn’t survive carrying him so much. I also had to use it to get him to nap, as he refused to be nursed to sleep even. I didn’t dare to take him out of the Manduca after he fell asleep so he slept comfortably on me while I struggled to get things done with a sleeping baby strapped to my chest. Sigh. The things we do.

I only want to sleep on mummy today


If you told me a year ago that I’d be held hostage by a baby, I would have laughed in your face. I was convinced that I’d be able to sleep-train my baby and be firm enough to deal with any sign of what I deemed at that time, “spoilt brat behaviour”. Well, I’m eating a huge slice of, no, the WHOLE humble pie now.

For now, I shall…

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