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When You Call Me ‘Mummy’

If I counted the number of times Noah said ‘mummy’ in a day, I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t get past ten, not because he doesn’t say it very often, but because I would be so busy tending to him that I would have lost track of the number pretty quickly. (Also because my memory is similar to that of a goldfish’s, especially when it comes to numbers, but that’s not the point here.) Anyway, I was feeling a little sentimental, and wrote this poem while waiting for him to wake up this morning. 

When You Call Me ‘Mummy’ 

When you call me ‘mummy’ I remember the times I wondered if I would ever have a child of my own I remember the times we thought we would lose you and I remember the relief I felt when I saw you for the very first time

When you call me ‘mummy’ I remember how you said ‘papa’ first I remember trying to teach you to say ‘mama’ and I remember the grin on your papa’s face each time you said ‘papa’ instead of ‘mama’

When you call me ‘mummy’ I remember how thrilled I was when you finally said ‘mama’ I remember your first smile and I remember the first time we heard you laugh when I was changing you out of your romper

When you call me ‘mummy’ I realise I don’t remember when you started calling me ‘mummy’ instead of ‘mama’ I realise how grown up you seem when you say ‘mummy’ instead of ‘mama’ and I wish you would call me ‘mama’ again sometimes, just so that I could keep you little

When you call me ‘mummy’ I think of the way your eyes light up when you see me I think of the way you run into my arms and I cherish the way it feels to have your arms wrapped tightly around my neck as you hug me

When you call me ‘mummy’ I think about how I can often make you collapse in a fit of giggles just by looking at you I think about how you give me your cheekiest smile when I’m angry with you and I remember how much I miss you sometimes when you’re taking a long nap (Yes I know it sounds crazy)

When you call me ‘mummy’ I remember how frustrated I feel when I can’t even be in the toilet alone for five seconds I remember how miserable I feel when I can’t get you to eat and I try to remember that you WILL outgrow these phases, and that I will probably miss having you follow me around everywhere

When you call me ‘mummy’ I know that you want me to give you some attention I know that you need ME, and not anyone else and I know that you love me, though not as much as I love you

When you call me ‘mummy’ I thank God for your cute little voice I thank God for your sweet and gentle nature and I thank God for giving me you, my precious baby boy

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