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Week 2

Our little baby is two weeks old today! We brought him to the paediatrician for his jaundice review this afternoon and the good news is that his bili level has dropped from 9.0 last week to 7.9 today. The doctor still finds him quite yellow so it’s another week of sunning for the babe. We were also thrilled that he has put on weight although I suspect that part of his weight gain was due to his slightly thick romper. But his romper can’t possibly weigh 300g, right?

Noah’s weight at two weeks.

Noah is also drinking more milk these days and managed to take in 90ml this afternoon. I haven’t been consistently pumping out my milk for him, because he latches on quite well now and I still have a couple of bottles of expressed milk in the fridge. In fact, I now have four little bags of milk stored in the freezer! 🙂 I’m still trying to get used to waking up a few times at night to feed him but I’m very thankful that he’s quite efficient during night feeds, taking about fifteen to twenty minutes to drink his fill. I can’t burp him very well yet but as with all things, practice makes perfect!

Naps are still a little bit of a problem these days and I sometimes resort to comfort feeds in order to get him to sleep. The confinement lady has also taught me to just place my hand on top of the bean bag that we lay across his chest and hold it there while shushing him, which seems to soothe him. I was thrilled when that, coupled with the ‘womb sounds’ playing from the night light strapped to his cot, worked! It’s such a relief to see him fall asleep without having to nurse. I have no idea why he’s in this ‘I refuse to take a nap’ mode so often! What happened to my little darling who could fall asleep on his own last week?

Look at how wide awake he is after his morning feed!


I’m almost halfway through my confinement now and although I’m going to miss all the help that my confinement lady provides, I’m looking forward to drinking cold drinks and eating (slightly) unhealthier food. I also want to go for a nice pedicure and do some shopping (I need nursing wear!) but whatever ‘excursions’ I want to go on will either have to include baby or be very short, at least for a couple of months. Looking forward to plenty of outings as a little family! 🙂

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