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Walking our Way to a Healthier Lifestyle with the Fitbit One

After C read my mind and gave me a great birthday gift as usual, I panicked, and frantically went through various gift ideas in my head. I made him some strawberry ice-cream with the JO food processor, but I thought I should get him something more substantial than erm, ice-cream.

The strawberry ice-cream I made


C has been trying to lose some weight, and ultimately, to get fitter, so I decided that my gift to him should be something fitness-related, as a show of support. A gadget would be a plus, as I think it’s pretty hard to go wrong with a gadget for guys.

Enter the Fitbit One


Hello, Fitbit One!


I first saw the Fitbit Flex

on another blogger’s Twitter/Instagram account some time back, and she very kindly told me that she got hers direct from the online Apple store. Her Fitbit Flex resembled a cool wristband, but as C isn’t into wearing anything on his wrist, (not even a watch), I decided to ask my trusty friend, Google, for alternatives. I read various reviews on the

, and the Fitbit One, as I couldn’t quite decide which one to get for C. The main complaint users had, was that both the Fitbit Zip and Fitbit One fell off easily. That worried me a little, as C, like most guys, can be rather careless with his belongings. A small gadget that was to be clipped on to his pants, sounded like an invitation for him to lose it. This is the same guy who lost/dropped his hand phone in a cab. TWICE. In two separate cabs, on two separate occasions. *shakes head*

I finally decided on the Fitbit One, as it has the additional function of being able to track his sleep pattern. However, this function isn’t automatic, and you actually have to press a button on the Fitbit One before you sleep, to erm, let it know that you’re going to sleep. It sounded a little silly to me, but I thought it was quite an interesting feature to have, and the Fitbit One looks a bit more sleek and ‘manly’ anyway.

What really won me over was that the Fitbit One can be synced to your laptop, and there was even an app on the iTunes store for it. There’s a daily minimum goal of 10,000 steps, and I thought it sounded quite achievable. I bought the Fitbit One on Amazon, and while waiting for it to arrive, I started second-guessing myself. I worried that C wouldn’t like it, and that he would think it was a waste of money. I mean, if you think about it, it sounds like a glorified pedometer, doesn’t it? And if you want to buy a pedometer, you can get one for $2 at Daiso. I tried to convince myself that it was a good investment, as it also tracks how many flights of stairs you climb, calculates the distance you’ve covered, and the number of calories you’ve burnt. A pedometer can’t do all those things!

Fitbit Features


When the parcel arrived, I was surprised to see how small the Fitbit One actually is. From the reviews I read, I got the impression that it would be much bigger and bulkier, but I guess late-night online impulse shopping paid off this time. C seemed genuinely pleased with it, and started setting up his account, downloading the app, and syncing it to his laptop. That day, he also made the effort to complete the 10,000 steps, even though he had to spend over an hour pacing up and down in our living room at 10pm.

What really tickled me was that the Fitbit One says the funniest things. When I picked it up one day to pass it to C, ‘Hold Me’ flashed across the screen. I was very amused, and C told me that it says a lot more things than that. So far, I’ve seen ‘Love Ya’, ‘GOOOOOOAL’, ‘Hug Me’, ‘Wassup’, and a few other messages that I can’t remember, but C says he’s seen a lot more messages, and he thinks it has at least 40-50 messages programmed. A gadget with a sense of humour. What’s not to like?

Some funny things the Fitbit One says


I have no idea what the flower is for


Thanks to the Fitbit One, our family has been spending more time together. When the weather is good, C and I would bring Noah for a walk at the nearby stadium in the evenings, so that C can hit his 10,000 steps target. We hold hands, and have long chats as we walk, while Noah looks around curiously at everything. It feels like we’re on a date, and I sometimes even forget that I’m carrying Noah, because he’s quietly watching the football team training at the stadium. I’ve come to really look forward to these daily walks, as it gives us a chance to exercise together as a family, and to spend time just talking to each other, without being distracted by our laptops or handphones. We’re really looking forward to Noah learning how to walk and run, so that all three of us can walk together (instead of me having to carry him in my Manduca).

I’m motivated to spend time exercising together as a family, and hopefully, Noah will also enjoy exercising with us when he’s older!

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