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Vaccine Day

Noah had his second month vaccination, together with the Rotavirus vaccine, done yesterday. His PD noted that he’s only been putting on 10g a day since we last saw her a week ago for his green poo issue. It’s a little worrying, but she said that at least there’s some growth, rather than none at all, so we just have to monitor him.

His skin is still quite sensitive and the red patches on his neck still haven’t cleared. Dr Ellen gave us a sample of a different moisturiser as she is reluctant to medicate him with a steroid cream at the moment. He has NeoDerm for his diaper rash, which has a bit of steroids in it, but we are only to apply it when his diaper rash flares up.

It was quite an experience for us to watch Noah get his jab. The little babe was held on the table by C and he was looking happily at me when the doctor gave him the shot. I felt so bad watching his face change in that split second, as though he couldn’t believe what was happening to him, and his face turned bright red as he wailed. 🙁

The PD told us to give him some paracetamol if his temperature started rising so we gave him a dose at 830pm. His appetite seems to have gone down a little and he only woke up for his next feed at about 530am, after falling asleep at 1030pm. We gave him another dose of paracetamol at 6am as he felt a little warm and he’s been sleeping a little more than usual and drinking much less. Hopefully the fever will go away this time round so that we won’t have to medicate him anymore. The good thing is that he’s still smiley and cheerful, and we really love watching him smile at us.

We have a busy weekend coming up and we really pray that Noah will be healthy again by then, so that we can keep all our appointments.

Here’s the little boy sleeping after his jab

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