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Thrills and Spills

Being a parent has been a real adventure. You don’t have to go on a roller-coaster ride anymore, really. All you need to do is to be the designated diaper-changer and you’ve got all the thrills you’d ever want.

Take today for example. Noah had his first ever puke and I thought that was enough excitement for the day for me. But no… He puked while I was nursing him in the car on the way back from lunch too. Think that’s all? Ha.

After his nap, I took off his diaper, cleaned him up, put a new diaper NEAR his butt while I applied some Desitin on him. Once I was done, but before I could properly slide the diaper under him, he peed. AND pooed. I usually put the diaper under him before applying the Desitin, but he was doing his leg curls again and the diaper got shifted in the process. Anyway, I threw away the new diaper, cleaned up the mess on the changing table, cleaned him up with plenty of wet wipes and tissue paper, turned to take a new diaper, and hey look, more poo! I looked at the little boy in exasperation and he grins at me. Sigh. Repeat the entire process. This time round, I made sure that the new diaper was under his bum while I spread the desitin on him, and in the middle of it all, he peed again. With a broad smile. Arrrrrgh. I messaged C, who was at work, informing him that he will be on diaper duty when he gets home tonight.

Each diaper change is filled with plenty of excitement and action. Will he or won’t he pee and/or poo on me? C and I have learnt to dodge the pee shower and sometimes, we even manage to catch it with a diaper. *Achievement unlocked. Once in a while, I can even tell when he’s about to pee and act accordingly to protect myself. The poo however, is more difficult to predict and manage. But hey, I’m thankful that his poo is now yellow, instead of the horrible dark green/black stuff we were getting two weeks ago!

In the spirit of being positive, I’m also thankful that at least he pees and poos quite a bit, which means his system is working well and that he’s getting enough to drink. What I’m most grateful for is the bright smile he gives me, not just when he pees and poos on me, but frequently through the day. He’s such a cheerful and smiley little boy, and for that, I’ll always be thankful. 🙂

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