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Three of my Pregnancy Must-Have Items

Because this is a twin pregnancy, my belly is growing much faster, and with that comes various aches and pains. A few weeks ago, after walking around a little, I developed sharp pains in my pelvic area, and had to walk around with my hands beneath my belly to “lift” it up, in order to ease the pain a little. I used to have a velcro maternity support belt when I was pregnant with Noah, but couldn’t find it around the house anymore, and decided to go online to look for a new one.

The Nexcare™ Maternity Support looked like a good option, and I managed to find it on Qoo10 at $59.90. However, because I was in so much pain, I didn’t want to wait for it to be shipped to me, and decided to purchase it on the spot when I saw it at Spring Maternity, albeit at a higher price. I figured that I needed the support immediately, before the pain got worse, and the staff at Spring Maternity helped me to put it on properly. (I’m using the M size, as recommended by the staff.)

The Nexcare™ Maternity Support


Three different straps


It does look a little complicated, with three different straps, but once you get the hang of it, it’s actually quite simple. I like that it is easily adjustable, thanks to the velcro, which means I can use it throughout my pregnancy. The first strap supports the belly, while the second provides back support. I don’t always use the third strap, ie the one that goes over the top of the belly, but if I’m going out for longer periods, I usually use all three straps for better support.

The support belt can’t really be seen under clothes, which is good, though it does feel a tad bulky. You also need to adjust it well, so that it doesn’t rub against your legs when you walk or sit. I do think a good support belt is very useful, and it’s better to get it earlier, than to wait till you hit your third trimester or when you start feeling all the aches and pains, because it’s just unnecessary suffering. I really wish I got mine earlier!

I know that there are other support belts around, and the more common ones are the elastic ones, but I think those seem to provide less support, and are more for aesthetic purposes, to provide “cover” if you’re wearing a shorter top or low-riding bottoms.

Can you tell that I’m wearing the belt?


My next must-have item is the Mothercare Wedge Pillow, which I slip under my belly when I’m lying on my side. A friend passed me her wedge pillow when I was expecting Noah, but the foam inside has since disintegrated, and doesn’t really provide much support anymore, so I had to get a new one. A Dayre reader told me that Mothercare sold something similar to what I had, and I was so relieved to find it, because I remember that my old wedge pillow was really helpful during my first pregnancy.

When I went for my prenatal massage, I was provided with a similar wedge pillow, and the massage lady told me that it’s good to have three pillows: one wedge to support the belly, one to put between the legs, and one to prop your feet up so that your legs are slightly elevated. I try to sleep on my side these days, since it’s supposedly better to sleep on your left when pregnant, but most nights, I end up on my back, because the babies kick me when I lie on either side. Didi is on my left, and Meimei is on my right, so I’ll end up squashing either one of them when I lie on my side. Haha.

Having said that, I sometimes ignore the kicks and lie on my side, which is when the wedge pillow comes in handy. Even when I’m on my back, I tuck the wedge pillow slightly beneath my back, and it somehow makes me more comfortable. I don’t know if it’s psychological or not, but whatever works, right? It can also be used when you’re seated, as shown in the picture below, and some apparently like to use it for extra support during breastfeeding too.

Mothercare Wedge Pillow


Lastly, because I’ve been having a little water retention recently, my friend advised me to start wearing compression stockings. I don’t usually like wearing socks when I sleep, but I thought I’d give the compression stockings a try, since I really want to prevent my feet from ballooning. She got hers from Watsons or Guardian, but they weren’t on sale when I went to check them out, so I bought them online from Qoo10. They’re shipped directly from Japan, but the seller works pretty fast, so the wait wasn’t too long.

Compression Stockings


Please ignore the ugly tan lines on my feet


I’m still not very used to the compression stockings yet, especially because they go up to my thunder thighs that feel kinda trapped inside, even though I’m wearing the L-sized ones. But then again, they’re meant to be tight, right? They do keep my legs warmer, and I think they can be worn even during my confinement, to ease the water retention, so it’s pretty good value for money. I remember having quite bad water retention after giving birth to Noah, so hopefully, these compression stockings will help.

I’ve also been given a box of Confinement Herbal Bath from Mummamia, as I’ve been told that soaking my feet in the herbal bath will help ease my water retention too, but I haven’t had the time to try it yet. I’ll probably do it soon, and will update the blog with the results once I do!

What are your pregnancy must-have items? Do share them in the comments section below if you think it will help other pregnant ladies too!

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