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The Cat Cabin

The twins love harassing playing with our friends’ cat, so we thought they might enjoy visiting the cats at The Cat Cabin in Kemang. It took us longer than expected to get there, thanks to road closures and bad traffic, but I’m glad we didn’t decide to turn back and cancel our trip there, because all of us thoroughly enjoyed ourselves there.

The Cat Cabin

Price List

Meet the Cats

The cafe was very clean, and the cats all looked healthy and well-groomed. There was plenty of space for them to roam around, and the cats seemed very comfortable on the various structures and seating areas.

Inside The Cat Cabin

Hot chocolate and Thai iced tea

Cat language

Can you spot the cat hiding in this structure?

The cat did not seem happy to be found

The kids were really excited to see so many cats, and had a great time going around trying to pat every single one of them. Most of the cats were quite calm and tolerated the attention showered upon them by the kids, though one or two did try to swat them away. The cats which didn’t want to hang out in the cafe area would retreat into the staff area through an opening in the wall, and the twins spent some time crouching there watching the cats eat and chill.

Come out, cats!


There was a really cute cat that loved drinking from the tap, and it would wait by the sinks for someone to turn the tap on.

Waiting patiently


N spent a lot of time trying to coax the cats down from their perches or out from their hiding places. He really liked them, and was very gentle with them. He asked to carry one of the cats, and one of the staff kindly helped him to hold one of the friendlier cats.

Trying to get the cats’ attention

With two of the sleepy cats

Carrying a cat

The twins were very busy trying to pat the cats, and thankfully, they were generally quite gentle with the cats. It was such a joy seeing their faces light up when they were able to pat some of the cats.

The twins were fascinated by this toy for the cats

Patting the cats

Meimei thought this was a real cat! Haha.

C and I got to carry some of the cats too, and they were so nice and cuddly! I found it quite therapeutic to just stroke the cats and scratch behind their ears because their fur was really soft.

Carrying the cats

Happy smiley faces (apart from the cat, I mean)

It was an hour well spent, and I think we definitely won’t mind returning to The Cat Cabin to hang out with the cats again.

The Cat Cabin Address: Kemang Raya 31 (Second Floor*) Tel No: 021 7179 5243 Opening Hours: Tue to Thu 10am to 9pm; Fri to Sun 10am to 10pm; Closed on Mondays Website HERE *Do note that there are no lifts, so you’ll have to climb up two long flights of stairs to get to The Cat Cabin.

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