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Jakarta As We Know It

Selamat pagi! Good morning! We arrived in Jakarta,  overwhelmed. Everything was foreign: the people, the language, the culture. But all that mattered was that  we were together as a family, and would experience Jakarta together. 

Selamat siang! Good afternoon!  So many friendly faces all around,  smiling and greeting us everywhere we went. We began to learn a bit of the language (sedikit aja), and got used to the infamous Jakarta traffic (macet sekali).  The two boys unfortunately got acquainted with amoebiasis and were unwillingly inducted into the world of stool and blood tests. We learnt how to self-medicate whenever possible, to see a doctor after three days of fever, and to do a blood test after seven.  Like it or not, this was our new norm, and we just had to get used to it.

Selamat sore! Good evening! We made many good friends,  and learnt the true meaning of 远亲不如近邻 as our neighbours here offered help at all times.  The children enjoyed learning in their new schools,  and we tried activities that we never would have if we didn’t relocate.  We travelled around Indonesia a bit,  and explored Bogor, Bandung, Bali, and Yogyakarta What great fun we have had,  because we came to Jakarta. 

Selamat malam! Good night! Our stay in Jakarta has come to an end,  and a new chapter in Singapore beckons.  We have so many fond memories of our 2.5 years here,  and will be forever grateful to have had this opportunity.  The twins call Jakarta home,  and perhaps it is possible to have two homes,  since home is where the heart is. 

Terima kasih banyak, Jakarta. Thank you very much. This isn’t goodbye, but sampai jumpa. See you again, Jakarta!

PS. The four photos in this post were all taken from our balcony, at morning, noon, evening, and night. On good days, we can see the mountains in the distance, and if you look closely at the third photo, you can even see a small rainbow near the tall building on the left. 

PPS. I’ve written a few posts about our lives here in Jakarta and the posts can all be found HERE

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