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Singapore Blog Awards 2014

On Friday, I was thrilled to find out that I was shortlisted as one of the ten finalists in the Singapore Blog Awards, under the Best Family Blog category. 

I’m relatively new to the blogging scene, and there are many other family blogs which are, in my humble opinion, more informative, and which I read regularly, including most of my fellow finalists. I’m just so very happy to be shortlisted together with them! I didn’t want to bore you with the ‘it’s an honour just to be nominated’ speech, but you know what? It really IS a wonderful honour, and I’m so very thankful that people other than my husband and my mum actually enjoy reading what I write.

I’ve had people (okay, my mum) asking me how to go about voting, so I thought I’d put up a short post on what the Singapore Blog Awards are about, and some simple instructions on the voting process. (Information taken from the official Singapore Blog Awards website.)

Singapore Blog Awards 2014

The Singapore Blog Awards is held annually, to celebrate the best of Singapore’s blogging scene, and this is its seventh year. Organised by, Singapore Press Holdings’ leading bilingual news and entertainment portal, the Singapore Blog Awards honour independent content producers who create and curate content that make for fun, informative, and insightful reads.

Judging Criteria 

Judging Criteria

According to the judging criteria, 30% of the final score is based on votes, which is where all of you come in. If you’ve enjoyed reading my blog, and feel that I deserve to win, please do vote for me. (You’ll need a Facebook account to vote, so please sign up for an account if you don’t have one.)


Voting has already commenced, and will end at 3pm on 31st July 2014. Anyone and everyone can vote, regardless of your nationality and locality, which means you don’t need to be Singaporean or residing in Singapore to vote! You can also vote once daily, and I would really appreciate it if you would spare a minute each day to vote for me.

All you have to do, is to go to this website, and click on Growing with the Tans. That’s all!

Singapore Blog Awards

What do you get in return, you ask? Well, voters residing in Singapore are eligible for a Lucky Voters’ Contest, although details of the prizes have not been released yet. I also promise to improve my blog’s content, blog more regularly, and to revamp it really, really soon, as mentioned in my recent post about my writing process.

PS. For those of you who’ve liked my Facebook page, you might have noticed that I’ve been trying to be more diligent about sharing interesting articles on it, and I hope that you have found them useful. 🙂

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