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Silly Things We Say / Do #8

While playing with the baby today…

C: His face is so cute hor? Why ah?

Me: He looks like me mah. (Yes, I’m shameless. But that’s not the point here.) No, actually, he looks like my dad. Are you saying my dad is cute then?

C: He doesn’t look like your dad lah. *long pause* He looks like me.

Me: *rolls eyes* Please. Which part of him resembles you?

C: *insisting* Really! He looks like me!


So, in the spirit of being objective, here’s a photo of Noah with my dad.

And here’s C with Noah.


Oh and because my MIL also recently insisted that Noah looks more like C than me, here’s a photo of me with the baby.

What do you think? Who does Noah resemble?

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