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Shoo, Bug, Shoo!

Poor Noah has been down with a runny nose and cough since Wednesday, and just developed a fever this morning. We brought him to see the PD yesterday, who gave him some meds, and said it will take about five to seven days to clear up.

It’s been really tough feeding him his meds, as he would cry, clamp his mouth shut, and jerk his head away from the syringe. Today, he even spat some of the meds out. I’ve taken to nursing him immediately after giving him the meds, to help him get rid of the taste.

Last night, he woke up at 3am, and couldn’t go back to sleep after being nursed. He tossed and turned on our bed, throwing his head and body on me repeatedly, whining away and trying to climb on top of me. I kept trying to cuddle him, but he just couldn’t get comfortable. I don’t know how much sleep we both got, but it’s definitely not enough. Amazingly, he got up at 8am as usual, and started bugging C to get up to play with him. Where does he get his energy from?

Sick, but still busy playing yesterday

C and I are also down with sore throats, so our house is pretty much germ-infested. In addition, our estate has been classified ‘Red’ by NEA, with more than ten cases of dengue fever. We pray for God to heal all three of us quickly, and for His protection against the dengue outbreak.

His first fever patch

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