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Noah turned seven months old last Saturday but we were busy celebrating my dad’s birthday, as well as participating in the Chubbiest Cheeks Contest (Noah, not C or I, even though I think we would have qualified too), so I haven’t had time to write this post till now.

Noah’s been sleeping erratically recently, and I’m exhausted from having to wake up every hour with him, nurse him and pat him back to sleep. He keeps waking himself up by flipping onto his belly and being unable to flip himself back, but by the time I flip him onto his back, he’s wide awake and whiny again. I know I blogged recently about how he seemed to have sleep trained himself, but I really don’t know what’s going on with this boy now. Naps are still quite a struggle, and as I type this, he’s lying on my chest in the Manduca, after being Mr Cranky-pots the entire morning. I know that this isn’t the best solution, but I’m picking my battles, and if it helps him to take a nap, I’m going to do it. For now.

After a month or so of trying out solids, Noah still isn’t all that keen on food. I am embarrassed to admit that I have to sing to him in order to get him to open his mouth. I thought ‘singing for one’s supper’ was supposed to be done by the one eating, but I guess I was wrong in Noah’s case! Rice cereal, brown rice cereal, spinach, sweet potato and carrots are on his ‘yucky’ list, broccoli is on his ‘maybe’ list, while potato, cabbage and pumpkin seem to be on his ‘yummy’ list. I’ve taken to mixing potato and pumpkin with the other foods, in a bid to get him to eat more. I also changed the timing of his feed, from noon to about 5 or 6pm, as he seems more willing to eat later in the day, than at lunch time. I’ll probably start him on porridge soon, and I hope he’ll be more enthusiastic about meals than he is now!

Flipping wise, he only does the flip from front to back towards the right, and the flip from back to front towards the left. (Confused yet?) Occasionally, he will flip from front to back towards his left, but he flat-out refuses to flip towards his right when he’s on his back. I’ve tried lying on the mat next to him and dangling various toys, but he would rather not have the toys than flip. Sigh. He’s also still a little wobbly when he’s seated and cries when he loses his balance and ends up on his back. This boy is a real whine-pot, I tell you.

He’s a lot more aware of his surroundings now and also enjoys looking at himself in the mirror, though I don’t think he has figured out that he is the little boy in the mirror yet. He loves pulling C’s glasses off his face, and we constantly have to stop him from doing so. Oh and he has finally realised that he can suck his toes while he’s seated, so he does a bit of that now, when the book/toy in front of him is out of his reach. Everything goes through the taste test for him, and it’s a real test of our reflexes to try and stop him from putting things into his mouth.

Sometimes, when I’m holding him as he sleeps, I can’t help but thank God again for giving us this little boy. He might be a little difficult to handle at times now, but I tell myself that it’s all part and parcel of his growing up process. I pray that God will give us the wisdom to be good parents as parenthood can be really tough!

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