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Review and Discount Code: iHerb (Part 2)

Are you a fan of online shopping like me? It’s not just the convenience of having everything delivered to your doorstep that appeals to me, but also the lower prices offered. I’ve been shopping on iHerb for a few years now, and shared my favourite picks from last year in this post.

Noah was very excited when the postman delivered our large parcel, and insisted on being in the photo when I was trying to take a shot of the items. Of course, he asked me to open up the snack packs for him after I took the photo, and I had to do some serious negotiating, before he was content with just having some yogurt drops, instead of sampling all the different items in the box!

Open sesame!


Noah with our loot


Here’s a look at our latest shopping list, as well as some other items that Noah likes:

1. Yummy Earth, Organics, Gummy Bears, 10 snack packs I guess it’s inevitable that kids will be attracted to gummy bears, so I figured that if I really have to give him gummy bears, I should at least give him healthier ones. I also bought these to put into his birthday goodie bags for his classmates!

Yummy Earth Gummy Bears

2. Yummy Earth, Organic Fruit Snacks This was in one of our previous orders, and Noah also really liked it. It’s another alternative to the gummy bears, if you want fewer (but larger) pieces in the pack.

Yummy Earth Fruit Snacks

3. Yummy Earth, Organic Vitamin C Pops Noah asks me for lollipops periodically, but I’m not keen on giving him Chupa Chups, so I thought these were a good compromise. He gets a lollipop, and it provides him with some vitamin C at the same time. Win-win, right?

Yummy Earth Vitamin C Pops

4. Nurture Inc (Happy Baby) Happyyogis, Yogurt and Fruit Snacks (Mixed Berry) I get a variety of these for Noah, for days that he wants some yogurt, but has a cough and can’t have the regular ones from the fridge. His favourite flavours are Strawberry, and Mixed Berry, so if you haven’t tried these before, I’m guessing these are relatively safe bets, if your child likes berries in general. I buy these in bulk, because he eats them really fast, and there’s a small discount if they’re purchased in multiples of four.

Happy Yogis Mixed Berry

5. Nurture Inc (Happy Baby) Organic Puffs, Strawberry This comes in a few other flavours, and I think the apple one is pretty yummy too. I give these to Noah as an alternative to biscuits when he has a cough, and he’s pretty happy with them. He started eating these when he was about a year old, I think, and still likes them, so I buy these in bulk sometimes, as there’s also a small discount if they’re purchased in multiples of four.

Happy Baby Organic Strawberry Puffs

6. Yum-V’s, Immune Shield with Sambucus, Yummy Berry Flavor I’ve been trying to boost Noah’s immune system for a while now, and it doesn’t help that he’s a rather picky eater. I used to give him a variety of multivitamins that I purchased from a local pharmacy, but I think these are cheaper. I occasionally pop one into my mouth when I give these to Noah, and I think they’re quite nice!

Yum-V's Immune Shield

7. Yum-V’s, Multivitamin + Mineral Formula, Yummy Grape Flavor As Noah is a fussy eater, I supplement his diet with multivitamins. Previously, he was on total breast milk, so I couldn’t drip those soluble multivitamins into his milk, and chose to give him gummies instead, since he is perpetually asking me for gummies anyway. These are tooth friendly, and don’t stick to the teeth, which I like.

Yum-V's Multivitamin

8. Yum-Vs, Vitamin D, Yummy Berry Flavor These are also tooth friendly, and are supposed to support bone and tooth health, as well as aid calcium absorption, which is another area I’m concerned about, because Noah only recently started drinking milk regularly. He likes all three of the different Yum-Vs gummies that I’ve given him, but he doesn’t like the ones that I bought from the local pharmacy, so I’ll probably stick to these, until he eats a more balanced diet. I think these are pretty popular, as they’re perpetually out of stock, so do order them quickly if you see them available.

Yum-V's Vitamin D

9. LypriCel, Liposomal Vitamin C This was recommended by a friend, when I asked for a good vitamin C supplement for adults. I don’t like the normal tablets that we get in the pharmacies, as they don’t seem to be well absorbed by the body, judging by the bright yellow pee that appears after I take them. This one doesn’t taste very nice, and I usually add a sachet into some plain water in the morning, so that it’s easier to gulp down. My pee doesn’t turn bright yellow after that, so I assume it means that the vitamin C has been absorbed properly.


10. Method, Minnie Mouse Foaming Hand Wash, Strawberry Fizz I’ve heard quite a few good things about the Method soaps, and thought I’d try the hand wash. Noah has been really enthusiastic about washing his hands after I got this hand wash, and I like that the scent isn’t too strong. The cute shape of the bottle is a plus! I might try the dish soap next, to see if it’s gentler on the hands than the dishwashing soap that I’ve been using.

Method Foaming Hand Wash

PS. I use the rolled oats, chia seeds, and wild berry mix in my overnight oats, which are pretty yummy! Check out my post on it here.

What are your favourite purchases from iHerb? Do try the items I’ve shared above, and let me know what you think!


New to iHerb?  First-time shoppers can click on THIS LINK to start shopping and to get USD10 off with a minimum purchase of USD40. For orders below USD40, you can get a USD5 discount. Remember to enter the code DRM056 at checkout to enjoy the discount.

iHerb frequently has shipping promotions, so do sign up for their mailing list to get notifications. Currently, SingPost has a flat $4 shipping fee, and is offering FREE shipping for orders over $40, with a weight up to 14 pounds (6.35kg), and a maximum value of $200. They deliver within 4 to 8 business days, and provide a tracking number too. If you need your items urgently, you can also choose to use the DHL Express-International option, but at a higher cost.

Happy shopping!


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