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Parks and Playgrounds

The weather recently has been pretty good, so we’ve been bringing Noah out for walks in the parks every evening. On weekends, he gets to go to the playground, where he plays on the swings. Park fun



At various playgrounds 







We often joke that Noah is like a puppy that needs to be brought out for a run every day, and I’m so thankful that we’ve got all these lovely parks and playgrounds around for him to explore. He’s still cautious when it comes to the playground, and goes for the safest possible thing to play with, but he absolutely adores being on the swing. I’m thankful that we have this opportunity to live in Adelaide for an extended period, where we can walk to nearby parks and playgrounds for family time so frequently. Our stay here is coming to an end really soon, and we’ll definitely miss the wide expanse of greenery that is so freely available here.

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