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Parenting Mysteries #5

#5. Why do babies have special sensors to detect when we want them to nap / are in a hurry to go out / just changed the bedsheets, and are they in cahoots with Murphy (of Murphy’s Law)?

Okay, I know people are going to start telling me that babies are very sensitive and can pick up on our moods, so I’d like to say that I am aware of that. But I doubt that we give off a different vibe when say, we put new bedsheets in his cot.

We’ve noticed that Noah tends to do a huge poop either just before we head out for an appointment, especially when we are late, or he will choose to release his smelly bomb when we are out, and nowhere near a diaper changing station. These bombs are usually so massive that they leak out of his diaper before you can even say, ‘Did he just poop?’ and we have to leap into damage control mode: contain the mess as much as possible, get his clothes off him without getting any too much poop on him, and make sure he doesn’t dip his hands/legs/butt into the overflowing lava poop.

This has happened on so many occasions that it is hard to believe that the little boy doesn’t plan these things. Or perhaps, Murphy is the real mastermind here…

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