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Our Singapore ‘Holiday’

We went back to Singapore for a two week holiday last month, and boy, did those two weeks fly by! We had a good time catching up with our family and friends, and eating all the local food that we had been craving for. 

Ah, the food. How we missed the local food!

Breakfast fried bee hoon, with perfectly fried luncheon meat, and tau kwa


Bak Chor Mee and Char Hei Mee


Fried Penang Kway Teow


Teochew Kuehs: Png Kueh, Soon Kueh, and Cabbage Kueh




We had lots of other local food too, but gobbled everything up before I could remember to take photos. My dad lovingly cooked our favourite dishes on the Sunday before we flew back to Adelaide, and I savoured every bite. Even Noah had rice with broccoli and steamed pomfret for dinner that night!

We spent some time being tourists in our own country, and visited the Tulipmania exhibition at the Gardens by the Bay.

Three ‘Spideys’ cleaning the exterior of the glass dome (before it rained)


Can you spot the stone plant?



The beautiful tulips



Majestic indoor waterfall


Train! Train!


Pretty flowers



We also visited the ArtScience Museum to check out the Dinosaurs Dawn to Extinction Exhibition, as well as the Annie Leibovitz: A Photographer’s Life Exhibition, both of which were excellent. Noah was initially scared by the roaring sounds at the entrance, and refused to go in, but after some cajoling, he was more than happy to run around the museum. I didn’t manage to take photos though, because I was too busy trying to keep him out of trouble while reading all the bits of information on the displays.



Noah met his cousin for the first time, as we were away when baby L was born. That’s baby L at almost four months old, next to a 21-month-old Noah.


We celebrated C’s friend’s birthday, and had dinner at Belly View Cafe, where the kids had fun playing with bubbles and sitting on the swing.

Happy birthday, YS! 


At Belly View Cafe


Pointing at the planes


Fun with JieJie Aly



Noah was very excited to go on the MRT. Here’s him telling me ‘no more’ while we were waiting for the train to arrive.


He loved running around at Bishan Park with cousin Z, and ‘played’ the piano for the first time at his house too.



He spent some quality time with my mum, while C and I went out for some much needed couple time: lunch and a massage.


It was a whirlwind trip home, and we really wished we could have spent more time with our family and friends! C’s work will keep him here for longer than expected, so we’ll only be back at the end of June, instead of May, as previously planned, but we’re glad we have more time here as a family, and that Noah can run around to his heart’s content in the parks here.

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