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One Second of Fame

Some time ago, we decided to submit a few of Noah’s photos to the ‘Mother and Baby’ magazine’s Baby Album. You know, just for the cheap thrill of seeing your child’s face in a magazine?

Someone from the magazine contacted me after that to ask for Noah’s surname, date of birth, and current weight, as the ‘prize’ was a pack of Huggies diapers. We were to collect the diapers from the Mediacorp office, but didn’t in the end, because we don’t use Huggies, and we figured it wasn’t worth the effort going there. We just wanted to see his face in the magazine!

His one second of fame


Anyway, they somehow got his age wrong, because he couldn’t even flip at five months, let alone pull himself up to stand. Oh well, at least it’s a nice photo of him, if I may say so myself. ;P

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