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NOT a Good First…

It finally happened. The moment I’d been dreading even before he was born. The moment I’d be praying so hard would never ever come. Okay, I’m being dramatic but for those of you who know me, you’d know how much I fear puking, so when Noah vomited this morning, I was terrified.

Some background information before you think I’m nuts: When I was six years old, I had appendicitis and I threw up A LOT. Everything I ate or drank came back out almost immediately and it was a really traumatising experience for me. Apart from that horrible period of time, I also vividly remember two other projectile vomiting moments, both in the middle of the night, all over my bedroom floor. The first time was when I ate way too much corn, and is also the reason why I hate the sight/smell/taste of it till this day. The other was when I thought I was thirsty (I was young, okay) and drank too much water, before vomiting it all out. Anyway, all the puking has given me a phobia and when anyone around me even LOOKS like he/she is about to throw up, I get up and run. I even did it when my nephew, who was about three at that time, started vomiting. Even though I was the nearest adult, I ran away, leaving C to pat the poor boy’s back and comfort him, and only returned after the mess was cleared up. Yes, it’s not something I’m proud of, but it’s true. Please don’t judge me. 

So now that you know about my irrational fear of puking, perhaps you’d understand the fear I had when Noah suddenly started regurgitating his milk. It was 730am and I was still rather sleepy when it happened. I was nursing him and hoping that he’d go back to sleep so that I too could sleep for another half an hour or so. He had just been unlatched and I was going to cuddle him for a little while when his eyes opened and milk just came gushing out from his mouth. I don’t know which of the two of us was more frightened. To his credit, C woke up immediately and tried to help by passing me the burp cloth. Just when I thought he was all done with the vomiting and I sat him up to take him to the changing station, more milk flowed out of his mouth and he started crying. Poor baby!

We still have no idea why it happened and decided that the most likely cause was too much air in his little belly. He’d been curling his legs up a lot more these days, and especially last night, each time we put him down on a flat surface. Dr Ellen had previously given us RidWind and told us to administer a small dose of it to him if he kept curling his legs up like that, so that’s what we did this morning. He’s still taking the probiotics as well, so hopefully, these will help him feel better soon. He’s back to his smiley self now, after a bath, long feed and nap, so that’s a relief!

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