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Mummy is my World

Noah seems to have entered the separation anxiety phase recently. We first noticed that he’s less friendly with strangers and doesn’t smile at people as freely as he did before. He also used to be perfectly fine with anyone and everyone carrying him, grinning and kicking his legs happily all the time.

A few days ago, he started bawling when C was carrying him and I walked away to get a drink. Huge tears rolled quickly down his cheeks and his wails were loud and sounded different from his usual whines. Once I took him from C, it was as though his crying button was suddenly switched off, and he was all smiles again. The same thing happened with my MIL and she panicked, as she can’t stand it when he cries.

The past few nights have been tough too, as he has taken to waking up every hour or two for milk and/or to look for me. Last night, in particular, he refused to be nursed after a while, but when I put him back into his cot, his eyes would spring open and he would start whining again. I ended up having to pat him while he lay on the bed tucked snugly beside me, until he was sound asleep, before I could move him to his own cot. The hubs, on the other hand, slept peacefully through it all and is particularly proud of the fact that he has managed to tune out all baby sounds at night.

My friend, Motherkao, once told me that separation anxiety is good as it makes mummy feel very important. Well, I sure feel like the most important person in his world right now. When I asked a few friends if their babies have/had gone through this separation anxiety phase, one told me that it can go on till he’s 18 months old! I’m going to be an exhausted VVIP if that really happens…

Mr I Love Mummy

As always, THIS TOO SHALL PASS. I am thankful that Noah loves me and has formed this strong bond with me. As many wise mothers have said, there will come a day that your son will not even want to be seen in public with you, much less be kissed or hugged by you, so treasure these moments now.

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