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Me? Fit and Fab? Seriously?

C and I were much thinner when we started dating, about thirteen or fourteen years ago.  (My memory was also much better then, seeing as how I can’t even remember which year we started dating!) We officially met while playing hockey in NUS, though we’d both been playing for many years before that, just for different schools and clubs. We both love food, and have both been putting on weight steadily since then. 

When Alicia of Beanie N Us asked some mom bloggers to join her in the SG Fit and Fab 30 Blog Train, I hesitated before pledging to participate in it, as I wasn’t sure how I could actually go about trying to have some sort of fitness regime going on, while looking after Noah 24/7. However, I figured that I had to at least try, since I really need to lose some a lot of weight.

This was us, about ten years ago. We were even thinner when we first met!


Ten years ago, after a hockey match


I got myself a Fitbit Zip

, which is a lower end model of the


I bought for C last year. I wanted to track the number of steps I took, and to try to hit the daily minimum of 10,000 steps. (You can read popular author, David Sedaris’ amusing account of his Fitbit experience here.)

Alicia suggested that we all shared photos of our exercise routines on Instagram daily, to motivate each other, and I personally found that quite useful. It was nice to know that there were others exercising “with” me too! Unfortunately, because I don’t have many exercise locations, and because I’m not that creative in my photo-taking, I stopped taking photos after a while. Noah and I also both fell ill during that period, and I ended up not exercising as frequently as I would have liked.

Here are the photos I took and shared on Instagram:

















Because Noah is with me 24/7, I have had to incorporate him into my exercise routine. I bring him to the small park downstairs as often as possible, and sometimes, on cooler days, we will walk to the nearby stadium, and make use of the track there. On rainy days, we will sometimes climb the stairs in our block, and the first time we did, Noah surprised me by being able to climb up most of the 13 flights of stairs, all by himself, and with a smile on his face to boot. I think I was more exhausted than him! My friend also introduced me to Fitness Blender, a website which offers free, full-length workout videos, but I must confess that I was so exhausted trying to complete one of the seven-minute routines, that I haven’t really been using them.

In order to go back to my thinner days, I need to lose *gulp* 15 kilos. That’s more than what Noah weighs now! I’ve been trying to cut down on my food intake, and to snack less, but I haven’t been very disciplined about it. Like I said, I love eating, and it’s hard to resist all those chips and biscuits that I see when I go to the supermarket. I try not to buy so many snacks these days, because if I don’t have them in my larder, there’s no way I can eat them, right?

I started off being really enthusiastic about hitting my 10,000 steps a day, but once I missed a day or two, it became easier to tell myself that it’s okay if I don’t complete the 10,000 steps again. The recent haze has also kept us indoors more often than I’d like, but I do think that I need to be a lot more disciplined in exercising daily, in order to lose more weight.

Do join us in our quest to get fit, by following us on Instagram, and sharing your photos with us. Don’t forget to add the hashtag #SgFitandFab30!

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Our SGFitandFab30 Blog Train will be stopping at Prayerfull Mum’s blog next week.


Danessa is a tired mum to one growing pre-schooler (yes, just one for now), who is very energetic and full of energy! She was an active and healthy wife during pregnancy but it has gone downhill ever since…

Danessa has been trying to keep fit again. So, she decided to join the Great Eastern Women’s Run and will be attempting the 5km distance this November. Her aim is to be a good steward of the body which God has bestowed her with, and hopefully she can do Yoga and swim laps sooner than later. Do cheer her on, by reading her journey at Prayerfull Mum.

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