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Lessons from Noah’s Ark

Noah’s birthday party is this weekend, and initially, I toyed with the idea of making little ‘Thank You’ cards for our guests. The kids at the party will each be taking home a walking pet, which saves me the hassle of preparing goodie bags, and I couldn’t decide if the walking pets needed to come with personalised tags, and if the adults at the party needed a take-home gift of sorts too.

A few friends actually sent me this ‘Lessons from Noah’s Ark’ picture some time ago, and I considered printing and laminating copies of it for our guests that day. Even as I was thinking about it, I could hear C’s voice telling me, “Don’t be mad! Why give yourself additional work?” and so, I figured that our adult guests, being our close friends, won’t be expecting anything, apart from good food and company. I convinced myself that even if I made laminated cards for them, they wouldn’t know what to do with them, and I should put my time and resources to better use. The kids coming will also be too young to appreciate it, and I’m guessing they will be more than happy with a walking pet.

Anyway, I figured that I should just share the picture here instead, so that everyone can enjoy it!

Lessons from Noah’s Ark 

Noah's Ark

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