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Jolly Fields at Gandaria City

Jolly Fields recently opened on Level 2 at Gandaria City, so we brought the three kids to check it out. It was their first experience at this sort of sensory play area, and based on how much fun they all had, it will definitely not be their last.

Jolly Fields is great for sensory play, as it is filled with mung beans, with some plastic balls, sand play toys, and trucks. There are also two activity walls, some simple funnel structures, and two play houses, but the main attraction is definitely the mung beans. It provides all the fun of sand play, but is way less messy. Of course, you can’t build sandcastles, but honestly, I found it pretty therapeutic to let the mung beans run through my fingers while I sat there with the kids.

Jolly Fields


The play area

Mini houses and slides

Other fun areas

We got to Jolly Fields quite early, at about 1015am, and were the first to enter the play area. There were craft options available, but honestly, the whole point of going there is to play, since the crafts offered can be done at home.

N was really excited and jumped right into the play area, diving around, and filling up trucks with the mung beans. He was tall enough to try the taller funnel structure, and collected a whole bucket of mung beans there.

N filling up a truck with the mung beans

Playing with funnels

Didi spent quite a bit of time scooping and pouring the mung beans into the funnels, and was quite fascinated by how the mung beans fell through the funnels. After a while, he realised that his feet were buried in the mung beans, and got a bit nervous, but was fine once I held his hand to help him walk around.

Scooping and pouring

Meimei spent almost the entire hour just sitting there, scooping and pouring mung beans all over the place. C sat with her and tried convincing her to try covering him with the mung beans, but she just wasn’t interested. We did cover her feet with the mung beans, which bothered her enough to kinda yell at us, and it was quite cute to see her reaction.

Playing with Daddy

Meimei loved it!

Playing together

I thought that one hour would be more than enough, because the area isn’t very big, but the kids thoroughly enjoyed themselves there, and were extremely reluctant to leave. N kept telling me that he really liked playing there, while Meimei cried for a really long time when we carried her out of the play area. Looks like we’ll be back again really soon!

Jolly Fields @ Gandaria City Address: Level 2, Mall Gandaria City, Jl. Sultan Iskandar Muda, Kebayoran Lama, Jakarta Selatan Tel: 021-2905-2888 Opening hours: 10am to 10pm

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