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How to Wake Noah Up

As I mentioned in a previous post, Noah loves dancing to two songs: Ho Hey and Best Day of my Life. 

One day, when he refused to wake up from his nap, I decided to play one of the songs on C’s laptop, to see if it would get him to wake up.

(Before I played the song, I tried tickling him and trying to convince him to wake up. He would squirm away from me, say, “No.” and go back to sleep, which is why I resorted to music.)

This is what happened:

I was prepared for him to start crying when he got up in the first video, but to my surprise, he sat up, and started dancing, albeit in a very sleepy manner. Shortly after I stopped recording the second video, he actually stood up to dance on the bed! I couldn’t help but dance with him too. I really love these impromptu dance parties that we have, because he is so, SO happy, dancing around without a care in the world. Ah, I love this kid so much.

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