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His New View

We finally got down to lowering Noah’s cot by a rung on Sunday. It took us longer than expected, but luckily, Noah was quite fascinated by the entire process, and sat patiently in his high-chair, watching us.

When we placed him into his cot after that, he got upset that he could no longer kneel and hold on to the cot railing to peep at us. He tried to pull himself up, failed, got distracted by the bumper book, and sat there trying to put parts of it into his mouth.

The next day, when we put him into his cot, he whined a little, then when we next looked at him, we saw this:


He was very pleased with himself after that and bounced up and down happily when we praised him. No picture of that, because he was moving around so much!

Now, whenever he gets bored of playing with his toys in the cot, he will pull himself up, to suck on the ribbons that tie the bumper book to the cot railing. Like this:


I love how cute he looks, standing there, watching us as we walk around or play peekaboo with him. He’s really enjoying his new view! 🙂

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