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Happy Birthday to Me!

As I grow older, my own birthdays don’t really seem like significant events anymore. I used to really look forward to my birthdays as a child, but now, I can barely keep track of how old I am. 

This year, C was unable to take the day off on my birthday, but because my mum happened to be on leave, I had a wonderful time shopping and eating with her and Noah.

Enjoying his lunch


I love waffles!


C made dinner reservations at Catalunya (more on it in another post), and we were initially planning on bringing Noah along, but my mum kindly offered to babysit him, so that we could have some couple time. It was really nice being able to have dinner without having to feed Noah!

Our favourite dish: lobster rice


Love the view from the restaurant!


We came home early so that we could have a simple celebration with Noah and my parents. (Yes, that’s my mum in the second picture, and yes, I know she’s very young and pretty. Hopefully, I’ll inherit her good genes!)

My family



Oh and my gift from C this year? An upgraded version of his gift to me two years ago!



I thank God for this family that He has blessed me with, and pray that He will continue to watch over all of us.

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