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Haigh’s Chocolates Factory Tour

C’s colleague’s wife, L, was visiting from the US, and she suggested going for the Haigh’s Chocolate factory tour together. I had actually been thinking about going previously, but C wasn’t keen, so I was thrilled that L wanted to go too.

The tour itself is free, although we did have to call to make reservations for it. It’s only a 20 minute tour, and it’s definitely nothing like the tour in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, but it was still a fun experience. No photography is allowed on the tour, not even in the little room which we were given a talk on the factory’s history, so the only photos I have of our tour are from the showroom and exterior of the factory.

We loved that they were extremely generous with their chocolate samples, and it was a good thing they provided some free drinks at the end of the tour, because we ate way too much chocolate. We were also amazed that their handmade truffles were indeed handmade: there was a lady sitting in the factory, rolling each and every single truffle by hand, dipping them in chocolate, before they’re dusted in cocoa powder. There were so many trays of truffles, all waiting to be coated with the melted chocolate, and we wondered how many trays this lady completed daily. It’s quite a tedious job, and I’m sure her arms must be aching by the end of the day!

Apart from being able to eat plenty of different chocolate samples, you also get a 10% discount voucher, to be used on that day only, on all your purchases at the factory’s visitor centre showroom. I would recommend going on the factory tour if you have time to spare, and if you want to buy lots of chocolates. Otherwise, you can easily get your chocolates from their shops.

Haigh’s Chocolate Factory


Noah and the Chocolate Factory


The factory’s visitor centre showroom


The latest flavour: salted caramel 


Checking out the Christmas bears. (I love the 2013 Christmas range! Very pretty and Christmassy.) 


Christmas-themed chocolates and handmade truffles 


Haigh’s chocolate frogs


Haigh’s Chocolates Free Guided Factory Viewing Tour Mon-Fri: 11am, 1pm, and 2pm Sat: 11am, 1130am, and 1pm

154 Greenhill Road, Parkside, SA 5063

*Bookings are essential.

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