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Giveaway: Rise and Shine Expo Tickets for ‘Introduction to Baby’s First Foods’

Unlike his parents, Noah isn’t very into food. Our PD has been extremely reassuring, and told C and I that since both of us are of a ‘good size’, Noah should grow up to be just fine too. I was rather amused by how politically correct she was, but still, I can’t help worrying that Noah isn’t eating enough for his age. His thighs are nice and drumstick-like, but he just isn’t putting on weight. After his most recent vaccination, he came down with a prolonged fever, and lost more weight in that one week than he had put on in a MONTH. Sigh.

I’ve said this before, and I’ll say it again. I never understood in the past when some mothers told me how thankful they were that their children were good eaters. I honestly didn’t think it would be that tough to feed babies, after all, they love sticking anything and everything into their mouths, right? WRONG. THIS baby starts whining the minute I put his bib on for him, and when he spots his bowl of puree or porridge, the whining intensifies. (I skip the bib step sometimes, because he gets very bothered by the bib.) Once the spoon emerges from the bowl, he actually starts crying, and struggles to get out of his high chair. This wasn’t a big problem when he was younger, but these days, he has figured out how to stand on his seat, which would be funny if I wasn’t so exasperated about his reluctance to eat.

These days, he would cry, and attempt to push my hands away, but he will open his mouth if I ask him to ‘try’ the food first before saying no. He’s quite a good boy, but feeding times are really tough for everyone involved. I usually have to grab both his hands and hold them down, in order to get half a spoonful of porridge into his mouth. Things have gotten quite bad recently, and he would spit out whatever I put into his mouth. I have to sing or find various ways to distract him, as I mentioned in a previous post, but even that doesn’t work nowadays. I’ve tried offering him pasta, kuay teow, tofu, fishballs, but nothing works. I even went down the baby-led weaning path a few times, and even though he ate a bit more than usual, the novelty wore off quickly, and he would just throw the food onto the floor instead of eating it.

Look at his miserable little face. He was being forced to eat spinach puree, and kept spitting it out.

Noah eating spinach

Super messy baby-led weaning session


When I saw that there were so many workshops on what to feed your baby, I was thrilled. Two of these workshops will be conducted by Angela Jacobsen, OzSuperNanny and author of ‘Baby Love’ and ‘Baby Food’, so I’m really looking forward to picking up some useful tips! The first workshop, Super Baby Food Cookery Class, is for parents with babies aged 6 to 12 months old, so I won’t be attending that one, but it sounds really interesting. It’s a hands-on full cookery class, and ideal for first-time parents who are weaning, or going to wean, their babies soon.

Here’s the one that I signed up for! (I’ll also be giving away five tickets to this workshop. Details at the end of this post.)

Date: Sat, 28 Sept Time: 3pm – 4.30pm Venue: Suntec Convention Room 307 Presenter: Angela Jacobsen, OzSuperNanny and author of ‘Baby Love’ and ‘Baby Food’

Angela Jacobsen

Food the whole family can enjoy! Come for this cooking class where you will make great homemade food the whole family can enjoy.

You will learn how to deal with emerging preferences in your growing toddler, and get great new nutritious meal ideas for your child and family!

This class will cover

  1. Nutritional needs of growing up toddlers

  2. The best high-nutrient foods to eat, food safety and storage

  3. Cooking demonstration to show how nutritional food can be easily prepared by busy working parents

  4. Getting your kids involved in preparing their own food

This workshop sounds perfect for us, as I definitely need more ideas on what to prepare for Noah, and what are the best food options for him, since it’s so tough to get him to eat! Hopefully, I’ll be able to get him to eat more, and grow into a ‘good size’ like his parents. 😛


If you are keen to purchase tickets to the Rise and Shine Expo, here’s some ticketing information that you might find useful.

Book by 30 August 2013, and you enjoy a 10% early bird discount. Discount code: earlybird10

Group booking: 3 or more in a group enjoy 50% off

PAssion Card holders: 1 for 1 signup (partner attends for free)

PS. There are over a hundred seminars, talks, and workshops available, so do take time to look through the list on the website. I’m sure you’ll be able to find at least one or two that you’re interested in!



As a partner blogger of Rise and Shine, I have FIVE tickets for ‘Introduction to Baby’s First Foods’ for five lucky readers of Growing with the Tans. Here’s what you have to do:

3. Leave a comment on the Growing with the Tans Facebook Page, NOT on this blogpost itself, telling me one of your child’s favourite foods. Please also leave your email address, so that we can contact you if you win!

4. SHARE this post on your Facebook wall, and let me know that you’ve shared this post.

You need to complete ALL FOUR steps in order to qualify for the random draw.

Closing Date: Monday, 26 August 2013, 2159h

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