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Friday Flips #103: Using the Libby App with Chapter Books

N has been reading independently for quite a while now, but he prefers reading comics, and insists on re-reading the same comics instead of trying chapter books. He only wants me to read chapter books to him, and I honestly don’t have the time or energy to read to him these days, because the twins also require my attention (and they can’t sit still for chapter books yet).

When N was much younger, I used to play audiobooks to him in the car, and he really enjoyed the Disney series (read more about the Disney audiobooks HERE), so when my friend suggested using the Libby app to “read” to N, I thought it was a really great idea. I borrowed both the physical book as well as the audiobook of My Father’s Dragon, and introduced to N the idea of having the Libby app read to him. He was a tad reluctant initially, but agreed to try it out over lunch. It helped that the physical book was quite colourful, and he quickly became hooked, as he listened to the story while looking at the physical text itself.

After lunch, he asked to continue listening to the rest of the stories in the series, and sat quietly for AGES with Elmer and the Dragon, followed by The Dragons of Blueland. I was soooooo happy, because he was finally reading something other than Plants vs Zombies, Dog Man, Captain Underpants, and Calvin and Hobbes!

These days, N is listening to The Magic Tree House series, and I try to get him the physical books whenever possible. He usually listens to the stories when he’s having his breakfast or lunch, and I feel he is better able to focus on the stories when he has the physical book with him.

Libby is a free app, and is similar to the Overdrive app. You can download it on your phone/iPad/laptop, and access your public library (the NLB in Singapore) using your library membership account. You can filter your search (ebook or audiobook), and download your borrowed books/audiobooks easily.

Happy reading (and listening)!

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