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First Month Check-up + New Paediatrician

We brought Noah to see a new paediatrician today after getting tired of the horrible parking and long waiting time at TMC. It was the first time we actually spent a longer time seeing the doctor than waiting to see her! We saw Dr Ellen Tay at Novena Medical Centre, who was extremely patient and thorough. She took time to go through some details in Noah’s health booklet with us, before highlighting his height/weight/head circumference percentiles, discussing his immunisation shots and answering all sorts of questions that we had for her. I think it was a really good decision to change paediatricians since she probably spent more time with us in one session than our previous doc did in all her sessions combined.

Noah has gained quite a bit of weight since our last check-up and is now 3.67kg. That’s a growth rate of 40g a day, according to Dr Tay, who told us that the normal range of weight gain should be between 20g to 30g. Such a relief to know that he is taking in enough of my breastmilk and growing well! I haven’t been pumping my milk anymore as it’s really quite tiring to do so, as I latch him on whenever he wants to suckle, usually at 3 hour intervals. This made it difficult for us to monitor how much he is actually drinking but since he’s growing so well, I guess he has been getting enough! 🙂

Our main concern now is his dry skin and cradle cap. I’m quite horrified that he actually has cradle cap and we now have to use the cradle cap shampoo on him. That’s going to be a real challenge since he struggles and cries so much during bath times! It’s at moments like these when I really miss my confinement lady, as she does a much better job of bathing him and he seems a tad bit less distressed with her. We also need to apply some moisturiser on all the parts with dry skin, which is basically his whole head and face. Sigh.

I’m still getting used to handling Noah without my confinement lady’s help and I think changing his diaper is the worst part of it. I’ve already gotten peed and pooped on, but I guess you aren’t really a parent until that happens. C also got peed and pooped on just now and I was too busy laughing at him to help. I’m very thankful that C is quite hands-on with Noah, offering to burp him in between and after his feeds, as well as changing his diapers now and then. It gives him time to bond with his son and more importantly, gives me a break! The nights are the most challenging so far, especially if Noah decides not to sleep well or to wake up every two hours for a feed. He also makes lots of weird noises in his sleep and it’s so tiring to have to get up and take a look at him to make sure he’s fine. I try to nap during the day when he naps too, but I’m really looking forward to getting a full night’s sleep again. One day…

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